Jul. 7th, 2012

News Flash

Jul. 7th, 2012 12:41 pm
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[For those of you who watch the news.]

In a strange turn of events, refugees and citizens alike in Midgard have started flying into fits of berserker rage and going on violent rampages until the city guard take them down. So far there have been fifteen confirmed cases of this strange aggressive behavior, and until the cause is found, it's likely that this will continue. Pillars of the community, citizen and refugee alike, are turning to the gods and their servants for aid. We'll be bringing you more details as they become available. Until then, lets go to Tom with sports!

[For those of you who don't, there are citizens and refugees all over Midgard starting to go into psychotic rages, as mentioned above. They aren't EVERYWHERE, but they're common enough that it's very possible you'll run into one. Those effected do not have any supernatural strength or toughness, but are incredibly single minded in causing as much damage as possible and able to ignore pain or injuries that would normally incapacitate someone. Those that are captured show no sign of getting better, or even of saying anything coherent. This will not happen to player characters. Any OOC questions or IC reactions can go here, but we encourage in character investigation of this phenomena.]
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Action; All over Midgard

[This new berserker rage epidemic was probably the very worst thing that could happen to Lancer...or anything else around him. When Lancer went berserk, it wasn't simply a matter of being too angry to realize what he was hitting. No, both his physical and mental state contorted to turn him into something less than human. He was no more than a shambling monster that tore a trail of destruction as he ran through the city.]

[He was angry. Angry at himself for being alive even though his Master is already dead. Angry at everything else for standing in his way. Angry at <i>her</i> for dying and leaving him. He wanted to rip everything apart to create a bloody sacrifice for his Master in the next world.]

[Those who run into him in this state can try to fight and restrain him, but unless they have a certain amount of skill and physical durability, they are very likely to become badly injured or worse.]

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*Christ on a crutch. He'd heard about this phenomenon going on, but he hadn't really expected to come face to face with it. Then this guy just went straight out nuts in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and the only guy there with any skill at ALL in handling it was the Hungry Wolf himself. So he'd thrown his hat in. Not literally, mind; he only threw his hat in victories.

Which he's beginning to wonder if he could scrounge out of this.

The madman has no technical skill at all, but in his state is so difficult to put down he almost didn't need it. Terry's been holding his own, but he's getting a little tired. His opponent isn't.

There'd been rumors of this sort of fighting happening back home. Whispers. He didn't know what the name of it was, but supposedly there were fighters out there who would just totally lose it. Couldn't feel pain, couldn't think reason. All they wanted to do was destroy -- and that seems to be what he's up against. He needs to end this now.*

Geez, you really are a tough cookie, aren't you... Looks like I'm really going to have to pull out all the stops here.

*His opponent only screeches in reply, and the two charge each other again. Ho boy.*
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[Nadeshiko had been around the Docks when things started going crazy. More and more civilians were starting to follow her and several of them had large weapons torn from somewhere. Gauging them, she held up her buckle.]


[One transformation later, she sent opponents flying. It was about this time, that she got a opponent in a headlock and he was struggling. He seemed to be choking. You might want to tell her to ease off before she snaps someone's neck.]
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[ Yoko unfortunately has yet to have an opportunity to get an update on the news. After her appearance in this place, she's stuck to what's been familiar to her for the past few years. While she couldn't exactly adopt all the orphaned children here, she did take care of a fair number of them. Even though it's summer, she's insisted that they should still study and they've been all too eager to do just that. While out though, they are under attack by a psychotic refugee.

Those who are nearby may want to help out with the situation as this woman in a pencil skirt doesn't seem much like a fighter. Neither do the children that are huddled around her legs.

After that attack (whether handled by her own hands or by another), Yoko will use her journal to contact those who may be listening in. ]

Today just proved one thing to me. These children need a roof over their head while their education is my responsibility. [ Propping her head up. ] I'm looking for a stable enough building that can function not only as a school, but a safe haven for those who don't need this violence. A bunker maybe?

[ Her face lights up as though she's just remembered something. ]

Is there anyone who would like to go to school here? [ The smile on her face widens a bit more. ] Also, are there people who would be interested in teaching as well? I wouldn't mind fronting most of the hard work.
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Constance had just ordered when the news went on, she may not watch TV, only because they didn’t exist on her world, but radios did and she could tell by the urgency of the voice that something was up.  Her favorite place wasn't that far from the library, the small walk had helped to clear her head, which was probably the only reason she tuned into the report.

Listening to it she frowned a little getting her drink. She was getting used to the crazy, at least it was keeping her on her toes. Paying for her drink she sipped at it heading out to one of the tables in front of the café, only to yelp jumping back when one of the said tables went airborne. Her wrist tapped her hip, her coffee flying at the table to knock it out of her way.

“Hey! Watch it will you! I actually like my cof-“ She ducked the chair glancing back to see the other patrons who had been outside were now getting inside. “Fee,” She finished flicking her whip of coffee to knock back another chair to buy some people time. Oh this is gonna suck isn’t it.

Third Rule

Jul. 7th, 2012 06:47 pm
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I have a question.

[Gilgamesh goes from looking at the "camera" to turning the book around to see what he's seeing - two of the 'berserk' residents wandering around the Palace district.]

Are we supposed to kill these things, or are we putting them down gently?

[Two bursts of light lash out from behind the camera and impact the affected citizens in the head, knocking each one over with a crack and laying them unconscious (possibly comatose) on the pavement. For a split second before the projectiles disappear, it's clear that that they were, in fact, swords - launched hilt-first.]

I ask because on the one hand, they sure as hell look like zombies. On the other hand, I just know there are a bunch of bleeding hearts here who don't want me killing things that might be human. But on the other hand: zombies. Also if they were normal humans this would probably kill them anyway. Since it's not, again: zombies.

I just wanted to clarify before I have to answer some thrown-together farce of a trial later from one of your knightly-types. Saber. Let me know, though, they're starting to get everywhere.

[Another crack of the same type indicates Gilgamesh has smashed another person's head off-camera somewhere before he ends the feed.]
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[ During those riots, a very large, and obscenely fast green mech with a long, jagged spike sticking out of one its arms repeatedly darts back and forth through the city, spraying down flak-lasers in wide, impossible precise arcs, almost never missing a shot.

One thing people who know anything about mechs might realize is that E.S. Joshua is rather skeletal in appearance, with no visible cockpit; only a long 'spine' connecting its hollow top to its legs. This might make some people think it's AI-controlled, but those with psychic abilities can tell there's something else entirely controlling it.

Meanwhile, those who check on Wilhelm's frequency can see him simply staring into the Compass, very intently, obviously concentrating on something. ]


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