Jul. 8th, 2012

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[Video/Action; Palace District]


[You can see the diary being dropped to the ground as it records Shirou being slammed to the ground quite hard by the frenzied civilians while holding a wooden sword.]

The hell? Hey! Are you alright!?

[He didn't even waste time to get up and get to an injured girl by the sidewalk, tending to her as the frenzied citizens charged at them.

Concept realized, magic circuits active, do not kill do not kill do not kill, trigger in check, pull it, slam it down.]

Trace, on.

[And as one of them is about to reach him, they're going to be blocked by the wooden sword, before a blow to the head knocked one out.

There are still a lot of them, and Shirou can't afford to kill them. This must be what the news was about, wasn't it?

Getting the girl to safety is his first priority. Grabbing the diary, the feed shuts off with these final words.]

Don't worry, I'll get you back. I promise.
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[Video/Accidental/Action; Foundry]]

So I just have to beat their asses up, yeah?

[The feed opens up to a blue-haired man being surrounded by frenzied citizens. There's just a simple shrug for him as he continued.]

No offense but you guys are kinda ruining my day here so-

[And he just CHARGES right at them.]

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[[Contrary to most others trying to protect each other, or, the sane ones from the berserk... This unlucky princess is about half-covered in blood.

Some of it is hers, as she had a good run-in with Lancer not long ago. However, she didn't make it home at all, and is still being chased by the berserk.

Lucky viewers might get to watch some amazing brutality at hand! Some unlucky schmoe gets caught by a beat trap on his legs. At about the same time, a rather wide saw blade comes flying for his torso at some ungodly speed, but from the other direction, a bladed pendulum has gone and caught him by the head, easily ripping him into four pieces; head, upper torso, lower torso, and below the knees.

Of course, Allura doesn't do this with a smile on her face, but she's cowering up against a wall, knees pulled up to her chest and hiding her head behind her arms. Her arm moved in time with the three weapons catching the berserk civilian so, it's obvious she's VERY responsible for that.]]
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[What was going on in Midgard? Sure there was the opening invasion, and then that scouting mission he was on, and lastly those stupid pranks that happened. Now there was beserker citizens attacking people? Well this sounded like a mystery! But what could be causing it? Magic? Or maybe it was some hallucinogen?

Cross has taken to the streets.. He's looking around, his visor on, as he tries to gather statistics on whatever was out of the ordinary in people. Like elevated heart rate, blood pressure spikes, just something strange in a person's body.]

Hmmmm...come on, come on. Somebody jump out and be crazy so I can help yoooou....


Heeeeey, has anybody run into any of the crazy people yet? If so, can you point me in the direction of them? Cause yeah, maybe the doctors here can fix them.


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:17 pm
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Hey, you kill-crazy morons! Yes, I'm talking to you guys I've noticed doing that. So, those guys, there's something making them not think. Not like they've got no minds. More like they've still got their minds working, but they aren't using them. In other words, someone's messing with them. But I suppose you can't tell like I can. Anyway I'm going to try to find out who it's.

I don't care if you beat the crap out of them or whatever. Just don't be snuff-happy idiots.


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