Jul. 11th, 2012

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[The Gundam AGE-2 is standing outside the villa in the Wards district. There are a few refugees attacking it -- they seem to know that somebody is inside it. However, the refugees are one-tenth the height of the Gundam, and about one-thousandth the mass (and that's being generous), so their punches and kicks are doing nothing except hurting themselves. Not that something as insignificant as pain would stop them.

But the Gundam is just standing there. It doesn't even seem to be on. Attempts to hail it won't get a response unless it's something that would grab the pilot's attention. So don't hesitate to try!]
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I can't tell what was done to these people, but if anyone is better at psychology or mental magic or anything like that, I've got a few of them that I've, er, incapacitated here.

[To anyone who finds her, "incapacitated" is such a soft word. She's got four. Two are frozen in place, by way of swords pinning their shadow to the ground somehow. The other two, however, are pinned more directly. They have similar looking blades stabbed through all their limbs, pinning them to the wall of the nearest building. Ciel herself is sitting on a nearby park bench, waiting for someone to show up.]


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