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Hey, you kill-crazy morons! Yes, I'm talking to you guys I've noticed doing that. So, those guys, there's something making them not think. Not like they've got no minds. More like they've still got their minds working, but they aren't using them. In other words, someone's messing with them. But I suppose you can't tell like I can. Anyway I'm going to try to find out who it's.

I don't care if you beat the crap out of them or whatever. Just don't be snuff-happy idiots.
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So you can sense what's going on in their heads? Do you have any means of calming them down?

[Mitsunari frowns softly, this kind of insanity is unheard of in Ransei and for once he's at a complete loss at what to do]
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Of course it wouldn't be that easy. I don't want to use my Pokemon's abilities against them, they would be too strong but...

[He pauses]

Many buildings are empty now. I could work on trapping them until the instigator is found. Meanwhile, has anyone considered where the worst of the outbreaks are - it could be a clue.
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If you require assistance, I would be happy to provide it. This sort of chaos can only be the prelude to a more organized attack.
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How to stop them without killing them, hmmm...

I think I may have something. It is still something I am getting used to, but... There is something in the world I come from, the Spell Card System. It is normally a method for youkai to duel and show off their power without killing them; I guess from what I understand it was instituted so that the realm of Gensokyo would not be torn apart by dramatic shows of power, or killing the maintainers of the barrier. It can, however, knock people out with enough power, and that might work.

In the meantime, I will see what I can manage. Being able to move through surfaces is surprisingly useful.
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Will do. We cannot let this go on for too long. It leaves us open.
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I... I didn't mean to do it! Really!

I... I was scared... [[Says the girl probably responsible for the more... brutal killings.]]
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A... Dreamer?

What's that? [[Control her fear... HAHA, maybe.]]
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I... wanted to. But I couldn't find anyone...
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You're right... I'm just... not used to having anyone to call for...
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You pity them?
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I ensured that no deaths that I caused would interfere with my duty of protecting this world.

I cannot accomplish this goal without sacrifices. It is unfortunate, but it is a truth I have accepted in my own world long ago.
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I do not dispute this. However, I would submit that I cannot affords sentiment when I must consider the long term. If I must sacrifice one hundred so that I may save one thousand later, then I cannot allow myself to allow emotion to cloud my judgment.

There is a reason that I have been entrusted with the Compass.
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Aha! Wait! I know what's causing this!
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All I know is that everyone always complained about machines doing that constantly when I got to Japan.

No one could agree if it was television, computers, or telephones, though.
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Understood. I will see what I can do, Deimonea.
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Seriously, what's with people killing the out of control ones anyhow? It's not like they're in control of themselves or something. [Says the girl with a enraged berserker wriggling under her arm while talking into her book, held by Coffret.]

You just need to knock them out a little!
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Re: video

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Yeah no doubt. At least some people know restraint. [WHACK and the man slumps in her arms as she sets him to the side.] How are things on your end?
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[Ouch, hey he wasn't killing them!]

H-HEY! I wasn't killing anybody! I'm just knocking them senseless and tying them to lampposts and stuff!