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[The Gundam AGE-2 is standing outside the villa in the Wards district. There are a few refugees attacking it -- they seem to know that somebody is inside it. However, the refugees are one-tenth the height of the Gundam, and about one-thousandth the mass (and that's being generous), so their punches and kicks are doing nothing except hurting themselves. Not that something as insignificant as pain would stop them.

But the Gundam is just standing there. It doesn't even seem to be on. Attempts to hail it won't get a response unless it's something that would grab the pilot's attention. So don't hesitate to try!]
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*One can only assume that having a head suddenly pop up in your cockpit would be rather attention gathering.*

Oh crap, there IS someone in here! Sorry, I was just kinda wondering what this was doing out here!
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Whew, though, is this some sort of practice thing, sitting in a dark cockpit by yourself, an angry mob beating at your feet?
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Well, to be honest I just kinda wanted to see what one of these things looked like on the inside. Looks really complicated actually. I hope you do not mind them scratching your finish down there though.
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[Gundam AGE-2 just sitting there? Setsuna finds this strange, and attempts to hail the Gundam lead him to believe that it's actually offline. What was Asem doing?]

[Frowning, Setsuna decides to try and move the Gundam away from the Civies bodily using his own 00 Gundam.]
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[So Asem wanted to do this?]

What is the purpose of leaving your Gundam out in the open like this? The civilians will only hurt themselves try to destroy it.
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[Well, that was out of place. Latooni tries hailing the mobile suit normally for a while before deciding Asem should know his Gundam is sitting out in the middle of town and getting its paint scratched. Thus, she tries his communicator book thing. Hopefully an honest question is enough to get his attention.]

Asem? Your Gundam is standing in the middle of town. Did you leave it there?
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I see.


I'm sorry. Do you think he went home?

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[Lancer looks like he had been knocked around quite a bit.]

Is there someone alive up there?
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Hey, I'm talking to you!

[Then he winces at the loudness of his own voice. Great. Now his ears hurt. And he's already hurting all over.]
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[Lancer shrugs and whacks a few civilians who are still attacking the robot. He then starts trying to climb up its leg. He needs to see whether or not the pilot is still in there.]

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[What the-- Lucca is on one of the upper catwalks of the Wards but that Gundam still towers above her. She identifies the giant robot as being Asem's, and looks down at the crazed refugees before taking out her communicator relay. Beep, beep, beepbeepbeepbeep...]

[And in Asem's cockpit there's a really-not-gentle-at-all "BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP!" followed by Lucca's frantic voice over the speakers.]

Asem! You in there?! Wake up! What's that thing doing outside the hangar bay?
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...I guess that's one way to make sure you're never overpowered. You had me worried there for a second. I thought you had fallen asleep in there or one of these guys got into the cockpit or something...