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This means I'm done hiatusing, I guess

I can't tell what was done to these people, but if anyone is better at psychology or mental magic or anything like that, I've got a few of them that I've, er, incapacitated here.

[To anyone who finds her, "incapacitated" is such a soft word. She's got four. Two are frozen in place, by way of swords pinning their shadow to the ground somehow. The other two, however, are pinned more directly. They have similar looking blades stabbed through all their limbs, pinning them to the wall of the nearest building. Ciel herself is sitting on a nearby park bench, waiting for someone to show up.]
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[The Kiritsugu of the past could have adequately hidden his surprise in face of such apparent danger. This one has deteriorated. As he comes across Ciel, his expression turns into one of confusion. He wouldn't mistake the blades in front of him anywhere.]

. . .

[Depending on whether he's recognized or not, he may either start a conversation or run. Obviously, he's not too keen on talking to a fellow magus killer, but one of those choices is a lot more suspicious than the other.]
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...Not so much around here.

[This is convenient for him. Kiritsugu doesn't have an open enmity with the Church, but he's still a magus. Mostly, anyways.]

Still haven't gotten used to it.
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Not in context. Either their sanity has been compromised...

[He imitates the gesture, nodding at the trapped individuals as he puts a cigarette in his mouth.]

Or yours has.

[Despite such a heavy statement, Kiritsugu does not assume a defensive stance. There is no way he can run from a Executor anymore, let alone stand up to one.]
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I'm not so good at either of those. Isn't there a doctor or something that can get a good look at them? That'd be a good first step--

[There's a snarl off-camera and Lucca lurches to the side. There's a flash of a warmallet and a sickening crunch, followed by a scream.]

Oh... sorry'boutthat. Just get a potion, you'll be fine. I get the feeling the medical wards are already full to capacity.