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*As subtly as possible, a slight blur of green has been ducking into a number of buildings in the area looking for any sorts of clues in regards to who is responsible for the current problem. Incorporeality is useful when it comes to needing to be where you're not supposed to be, among many other wonderful uses, and Tojiko's using it to full extent. Can't have your side eating itself out from within, after all.

Of course, this has the disadvantage of potentially startling anybody who DOES see her. Or, alternatively, letting her catch people doing rather... private things.*
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[Incorporeality is really the best way to get into a building, but good old fashioned window breaking is the next best thing. There's a sound of tinkling glass, then a sense that Soga is no longer alone in the building.]
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[Apparently oblivious, Ciel wanders through the house. It used to be the home of one of the people going nuts, and she's trying to find any clues.

In short the same thing Soga was doing.]
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[She starts going through the previous owner's stuff. Phone messages, mail, fiddling with their personal computer, glancing through books for hidden notes, even the garbage. Once or twice she stops to glance at the davenport. There's something suspicious about that couch.]
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[What she's DOING is copying down all the contacts from the computer or phone in to a little notebook, seeing who the former resident associated with.

After one too many sidelong glances, Ciel swung her arm around in one lightning fast, fluid motion and threw a sword that hadn't been there a second before at the sofa, stabbing through the back and into the wall. From Soga's position possessing it, this felt like she herself was getting stabbed, and vacating the davenport suddenly seemed like a good idea.]
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[Another shrugging motion flicked three more swords into her hand, held between the fingers. She didn't throw these ones, just held them at her side.]

I THOUGHT that sofa felt suspicious. What are you doing here?
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I'm trying to find a connection between the people who lost their fragile little grips on sanity. I just happen to lack the ability to walk through walls.
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Nothing yet. I'm starting by figuring out who they associate with, though. Seeing if there are any people who show up a lot.
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[ Guess who is sitting there when she phases into another building? Wilhelm doesn't act surprised to see her; just calmly looks at her, and takes a sip of his wine. ]

Good afternoon, Soga.

[ There's a book open on his table, and he calmly turns the page, as if there is nothing at all unusual or unexpected about this. ]
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[ Wilhelm placed his chin in his fist, placing the wine glass down. ]

I know.
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I can see the future. Haven't I told you that before?
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There is little that I do not know. The Compass allows me to see the future.