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LOG ❖ Closed

WHO: [personal profile] Yoko Littner & [personal profile] Wilhelm
WHAT: Continuation of this discussion in person
WHERE: Wilhelm's home
WHEN: Evening of July 7th

[ After ensuring the children had been safely evacuated elsewhere and with a suitable amount of guardians to watch over them, Yoko knew there was only one other thing for her to accomplish that day. One individual caught her interest and with the invitation to meet up with them fresh on her mind, she made for the Deeps.

Once there, she'll make her appearance known not only with a knock, but a loud exclamation that she's arrived. After one attack, it didn't take her long to find out there had been many others, so it was time to play it safe. So hope Wilhelm is prepared for one school teacher who is carrying around a large gun. At least she didn't put on the shorts and bikini top. ]

Hey! Are you going to open up or what?
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[ Hey, you're talking to the guy who ordered KOS-MOS' construction. He's seen worse... though it would have been quite a sight for a date.

After the second knock, the door opens. But Wilhelm wasn't anywhere near the door; rather, he had his back turned to the door, one hand folded behind his back, standing near a table with a rather fancy dinner set-up; a large, freshly carved fowl of some kind, a dish of potatoes, and dinner salads already set out; a fresh bottle of wine, still corked, and in a bucket of ice; and to set the mood, a large, red eye of a giant mech peering through a half-open steel curtain, ominously following Yoko around the room; and to top it all off, a creepy green glow coming out from underneath a shut door. ]

I had hoped to have the dinner prepared by the time I knew you were to arrive, Yoko Littner.

[ Wait... she never did tell him her name, did she? His monotone voice contrasted with the phonograph music playing in ambience. ]

I hope you enjoy it. Is has been several years since I have last had to cook anything.

[ About... four hundred and seventy-three years, to be precise. Wilhelm finally turned back to face her. ]

Please, sit. You have much to discuss with me, isn't that correct?
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No problem!

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[ As she was speaking, Wilhelm was pouring a glass of wine for both of them, not answering her question until he was already seated. Red eyes looked up into hers, not even repeating his request that she join him. ]

There are many names, epithets, and phrases that describe me.

[ He pauses only to take a sip of the wine. ]

I am most often referred to as 'Wilhelm,' however. So, I suppose that will do.

[ The music began picking up, as Wilhelm began cutting up the food. ]