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*Nier hasn't been out much.

You might have spotted him tending plants on his apartment balcony and such, but once he heard about the eruption of normal people suddenly becoming raving madmen, he found for some reason he didn't want to go out as much. Didn't want to risk running into someone like that.

Because if it turns out normal humans can flip out and become raving, bloodthirsty maniacs, it just further proves the point about the Gestalts -- and about how monstrous his own actions were.

He can't stay inside forever, however. Eventually, he has to go out to get supplies. These grocery stores are an odd thing for him compared to the normal markets, but he supposes they're convenient enough. Notably, he's not got any of his weapons on him. Doesn't want to have to do anything he'll regret later.

He's done that enough anyway.*
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[Lancer greets the other man.]

The crazies haven't been giving you any problems, have they?
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[He gives a quick glance around.]

Hey, uh...have you...run into something not human lately? Right when the incidents were first happening?
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Like, something vaguely humanoid, only covered in bulging veins and muscles, with a huge gaping mouth. And it might have had some sort of spear too. Have you seen anything like that?
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Actually, no. He just...makes trouble for me sometimes.

[To be more honest, Lancer himself was that creature. Fighting the berserk civilians had driven him into a riastrad, a far from pleasant experience.]
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It's not that easy. He's...hard to calm down.
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Yeah...good news is that he eventually stopped. After...destroying a large patch of the place.

[He has a nervous smile on his face.]

Glad to see he didn't make it here, though.
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He doesn't get out much, so it's not that bad.