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Report 1: Arrival [open]

Tseng's first order of business after arriving was to begin a tour of the city. Looking at maps was all well and good, but you didn't learn a city without walking it. A map didn't tell you about the little nooks and crannies that might save your life.

It was also a way to get to know the sorts of people the city had within it. Who he'd be fighting alongside and supposed to help keep alive. He can be found at various times in the different districts, checking the map in his book at random intervals.

For those who know how to look, he is armed beneath his suit and certainly has the air of someone dangerous about him. Whether he comes off as an assassin or a tax collector is debatable at best.
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As Tseng patrols, he may noticed an odd red creature with blades for arms, a gray, seemingly mouthless face. It's clearly searching the area, using it's small size to scurry there and there.

It stops when it sees the man, and gave him a wary glance over before it turns to look towards the rooftops as if seeking permission from someone.
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"It's surprising how many people don't look." A voice call out from above, and peeking over the edge of the roof is a kid in a headdress with two large horns. "The Valkyries brought you here recently - right?"

The kid asks before he works his way to the ground.
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He gives Tseng a sour look at the remark when he touches ground. The creature quickly darted to the boy and clamor up his back, resting his head on top of the boy's.

"Indeed - you missed half the civilians here suddenly going crazy. Still trying to figure out what caused it."
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"Mitsunari Ishida - this is Pawniard, my partner." He bows slightly.


"It's like a more aggressive form of the confusion effect I've seen, it caused them to attack everyone in sight." Mitsunari explained. "Thankfully they're not very strong so most of the people here managed to subdue or trap them until it wore off."
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"Mitsunari is fine." He folds his arms across his chest. The kid briefly glance up, and Pawniard hops off, continuing it's search.

"Dispel? I do not believe it was a skill anyone possessed. The Nightmare woman said it felt like someone shut their minds down completely." He pauses. "The ones that went crazy are now catatonic." Mitsunari let a worried expression slip.