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[ It’s late in the evening when one of the journals accidentally begin to record. It’s on the floor on it’s side, showing [personal profile] Seolla and [personal profile] Arado together in the same room. Unlike the side she’s shown most of the strangers in this place, Seolla’s almost cheerful, as she brings her hands together. ]

There, I asked the attendant to bring us both a pair of fresh clothing. [ How scandalous. ] It shouldn’t take them too long to return with something, yeah?

For me, maybe! I’m sure it’ll take much longer for you! [ He laughs, almost playfully. ]

Why would it take longer for me? [ Seolla’s tone turns towards a dangerous path quickly and without warning. ] Well?!

Obviously they’re gonna run out of fabric real quick since your boobs are so huge! [ Will he ever learn? ]

W-Whaaaaaaat!? [ Apparently not. It doesn’t take her long to resort to violence by bringing a table up towards him with just her foot. ] They’re not that huge, dumbass!

[ Aaaand there goes Arado, straight through that table. Or rather, the other way around. ] Ow... that hurt... You’ve got a mean kick, Seolla...[ aaand will he learn? SURVEY SAYS: NO. ] Of course your boobs are huge! It makes you easy to pick out from a crowd!

They only seem that big due to your pea-sized noggin! [ It takes her approximately three seconds to leap across the room to wail into him with her own fists. ] Maybe when they come back, I’ll ask them to try to find a new brain for you!

[ He doesn’t fight back. She’d hand his ass to him in an instant. ] Maybe they should find you a new butt too!

Yeah!? [ Punch. Punch. This fight is pretty one-sided for all to see. ] If you’re lucky, they might be able to give you a pair of balls too!

H-hey! I’ve got balls! It takes balls to-Ow! Complime-Ow!... the way I do! Ow!

You could have fooled me. [ With a huff, she’ll stop wailing on him, choosing instead to keep his form straddled between her thighs. ] If you want to compliment me, then do it in a way a normal guy would, sheesh!’re a good pilot...and a good cook...I guess...

That’s really all you’ve got to say about me? [ Is that a twinge of disappointment on her tone? She’ll move to climb off of him now, brushing her skirt out flat. ] I understand now.

No! You’re a great partner and we’ve always got each other’s backs... and... and... [ oh crap he’s gotta do something here he hates when she seems a little sad. ]’re pretty cute. Especially when you’re mad!

Ahhh... [ It starts off with her red-faced and shifting in place uncomfortably. A remark of that magnitude always left her shy. Thankfully for her pride, it doesn’t last long. Leaning down to grab at his shirt with her fist, she’ll try to bring him to his feet. ] When I’m mad, huh?

Cause then you start shaking me and your boobs jiggle and that just makes it better andpleasedon’thurtme....

[ CRASH!! That's Arado's face slamming right into the journal as a result of being thrown across the room. Again. ]
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[Didn't take too long for Arado to come to the decision to fight for Midgard. He figured that if he was called upon to be a hero, of all people, then that must mean Seolla was there and waiting for him. Oh boy, he wasn't going to hear the end of it, that's for sure. But, instead of figuring out where he is and what he's going to be doing, he'll flip on his mechs' video communication, ignoring the cool computer-tome thingie! Though, he's going to be rather informal, because he is a growing young boy, and those have priorities. To those with any sort of communication open, have a purple-haired teenager sitting in his cockpit, giving an awkward wave.]

Hey...anyone else out there? Seolla? Arado Balanga reporting in... So, where's the places to eat around here? I'm getting pretty hungry....


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