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[The Gundam AGE-2 is standing outside the villa in the Wards district. There are a few refugees attacking it -- they seem to know that somebody is inside it. However, the refugees are one-tenth the height of the Gundam, and about one-thousandth the mass (and that's being generous), so their punches and kicks are doing nothing except hurting themselves. Not that something as insignificant as pain would stop them.

But the Gundam is just standing there. It doesn't even seem to be on. Attempts to hail it won't get a response unless it's something that would grab the pilot's attention. So don't hesitate to try!]
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[  Video ]
[ A serious faced girl can be seen on the screen, after she's struggled for quite some time deciding what to say. She bows her head in a slight nod and glances off screen, then at the screen again. ]
My name is Marron Dystini. I am a new recruit. I intend to use my abilities to the fullest and contribute positively to this team. Please alert me of anything in particular that I may do to be of assistance. I am adaptable and would like a chance to learn more about those I will be fighting alongside.

That said, there seems to be a disturbance amongst the public here. I would like to request details so that I may be effective in assisting in whatever is causing this.

I also want to know if there is a fish pond in this city.

Thank you very much. I'm sorry if I've wasted your time.

[ Action:Ward District ]
[ Initially, Marron can be seen walking around the ward awkwardly. She wants to find a shooting range (and a pond with fishies and froggies) but isn't sure where to go, or if she'll be able to find her way back here, so has resorted to toddling around while she tries to make up her mind. ]

I will get lost. I am unfamiliar with this area. I always become lost. [ She stops and sighs. ] Fate, what do I do? [ Of course, no one answers her. ]
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Shion, Allen, Junior, is there anything missing for your rooms that you cannot locate?

[KOS-MOS isn't missing anything. Mostly because she has nothing really, except her maintenance bed/monocycle and Dinah. And Dinah obviously wasn't kept in her room.]

Miss Ashtear. I've located several books that were on your list. [And your underwear.] The ones I cannot locate are likely to have already been returned to you. Would you like me to come and meet you?
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[Now that she has figured out of how to use this thing, Minako has decided it's probably time to introduce herself so when the video feed comes on, the network gets a slightly tired, but none the less friendly, smile and a bit of a wave.]

I guess needing medical attention isn't the best way to start my stay here, but now that I feel fine again, I figured I should introduce myself. [For a person who recently received medical attention she's pretty energetic.]

Anyways, I'm Minako Arisato and I'm here to help, I guess? [Mostly because she wants her world to be safe. One supernatural threat is more than enough, thanks.

She falls quiet for a bit then, as she thinks of how to continue. Come to think of it, she did see someone introducing themselves on this thing earlier and included...

Oh, as for what I can do, um... I think Personae are kind of a difficult concept to explain, but basically I'm good for both fighting and healing if necessary... [And if you look closely, there's what looks almost like a spear leaning against the wall behind her, though that's hardly her main weapon and she's not really acknowledging it right now. Do feel free to ponder though.]

I guess that's about it? [And then she does a bit of a mock salute.]

I look forward to being of assistance to you all!

Video ☆

Jul. 1st, 2012 02:18 pm
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[ Homura was lucky. Very lucky. She doesn't have much of importance for the Monkey King to take from her. Anything missing from her room has gone completely unnoticed; her books weren't going to be read anyway and she already stuck her new weapons in her shield.

But, just to be on the safe side, she decides to take precautions against a strike two. It's just taken her a while to summon the courage to actually bring this up publicly... It's terrifying to admit to this, since people may think poorly of her afterwards, but she has to. She can't risk being separated from her body.

Nothing of mine was taken, though I approve no less of those "hijinks". Despite my luck, I cannot count on it to continue. So I am taking precautions.

[ She holds her Soul Gem to the video. ] I am this gem. In the case that I am separated from my body, please return this to me as quickly as possible. I am hard to break, but I would appreciate you being careful.

Thank you. [ And she switches the camera's focus from herself to the wall. Not to be rude, but because she's a bit nervous after saying that and doesn't want to let it show. She immediately recognizes the downfalls of revealing her weakness... maybe she shouldn't put so much trust in these people.
Homura grips her gem tightly, then focuses the camera on herself again.

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[The feed comes on to a worried-looking Asem.]

Guys, I've lost something really important thanks to that stupid Monkey King! I'm looking for a six-sided object, about half a foot long, shaped sort of like a keystone. It's gray and has a black screen. If you find it, you need to tell me, because I need to get it back!
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Woolf is a the swimming pool with a pool hook, fishing underwear out of the water.

Looks like there's more in here than just his, so maybe it's time to reclaim your underthings before too many people see them?
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Soga had immediately shot through the walls to get away from the odor. She heard the laughter not long after that.*

Oooooooh! You think you're SO FUNNY! Let us see how funny you think you are when you are a LIGHTNING ROD!

*And now she's charging blindly through the streets trying to locate the source of that sound. Yeah, she's peeved.*
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[ It’s late in the evening when one of the journals accidentally begin to record. It’s on the floor on it’s side, showing [personal profile] Seolla and [personal profile] Arado together in the same room. Unlike the side she’s shown most of the strangers in this place, Seolla’s almost cheerful, as she brings her hands together. ]

There, I asked the attendant to bring us both a pair of fresh clothing. [ How scandalous. ] It shouldn’t take them too long to return with something, yeah?

For me, maybe! I’m sure it’ll take much longer for you! [ He laughs, almost playfully. ]

Why would it take longer for me? [ Seolla’s tone turns towards a dangerous path quickly and without warning. ] Well?!

Obviously they’re gonna run out of fabric real quick since your boobs are so huge! [ Will he ever learn? ]

W-Whaaaaaaat!? [ Apparently not. It doesn’t take her long to resort to violence by bringing a table up towards him with just her foot. ] They’re not that huge, dumbass!

[ Aaaand there goes Arado, straight through that table. Or rather, the other way around. ] Ow... that hurt... You’ve got a mean kick, Seolla...[ aaand will he learn? SURVEY SAYS: NO. ] Of course your boobs are huge! It makes you easy to pick out from a crowd!

They only seem that big due to your pea-sized noggin! [ It takes her approximately three seconds to leap across the room to wail into him with her own fists. ] Maybe when they come back, I’ll ask them to try to find a new brain for you!

[ He doesn’t fight back. She’d hand his ass to him in an instant. ] Maybe they should find you a new butt too!

Yeah!? [ Punch. Punch. This fight is pretty one-sided for all to see. ] If you’re lucky, they might be able to give you a pair of balls too!

H-hey! I’ve got balls! It takes balls to-Ow! Complime-Ow!... the way I do! Ow!

You could have fooled me. [ With a huff, she’ll stop wailing on him, choosing instead to keep his form straddled between her thighs. ] If you want to compliment me, then do it in a way a normal guy would, sheesh!’re a good pilot...and a good cook...I guess...

That’s really all you’ve got to say about me? [ Is that a twinge of disappointment on her tone? She’ll move to climb off of him now, brushing her skirt out flat. ] I understand now.

No! You’re a great partner and we’ve always got each other’s backs... and... and... [ oh crap he’s gotta do something here he hates when she seems a little sad. ]’re pretty cute. Especially when you’re mad!

Ahhh... [ It starts off with her red-faced and shifting in place uncomfortably. A remark of that magnitude always left her shy. Thankfully for her pride, it doesn’t last long. Leaning down to grab at his shirt with her fist, she’ll try to bring him to his feet. ] When I’m mad, huh?

Cause then you start shaking me and your boobs jiggle and that just makes it better andpleasedon’thurtme....

[ CRASH!! That's Arado's face slamming right into the journal as a result of being thrown across the room. Again. ]


Jun. 18th, 2012 04:03 pm
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I'm assembling a list of combat vehicles and mobile units among the forces who've come in through Bifrost. I've gathered the data from personal observation of the Docks and the network, so it's likely incomplete.

Please use this freely to organize command or maintenance plans if you wish, and please let me know if I'm missing anyone, or if you know any details I'm missing below. I'm leaving off all details besides pilot name for operational security. Thank you.

Unit - Pilot
PTX-006 Wildraubtier - Latooni Suvota
PTX-015 Wildwurger - Arado Balanga
PTX-016 Wildfalken - Seolla Schweitzer
AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 - Asem Asuno
G-Bouncer - Woolf Enneacle
Dinah - KOS-MOS, Allen Ridgeley, Shion Uzuki
Asher - Gaignun Kukai Jr.
Joshua - (?)
GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser - Setsuna F. Seiei
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[ There's a Shion in the Docks district puttering about. Putter putter! Putter. ]

You'll have to forgive me if this question has been asked already - but with the exception of those already from my world, how many here have experience in engineering and maintenance of mobile suits, or mecha.

I've offered to help someone with the proper maintenance of theirs, but I'll need a team of two other people to support me with the system.

Well, one, actually. Allen, I'd like you to back me up.

[ A pause, and then. ]

KOS-MOS, Jr.? How are you two doing?

[ She already talked to Wilhelm recently so she doesn't include him, SO THERE. ]
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There isn't so much a new face in the Docks district as there is a rather large new robot floating around, searching for... something. You may notice that your radio's get jammed as the robot's green, particle-like exhaust comes out of the strange thrusters placed on the machine's shoulders. If you hail him the face of a rather serious looking young man will stare back at you.

"My name is Setsuna F. Seiei. I have come here in order to aid in the defense of Midgard." He... doesn't say anything else. Outwardly, he doesn't say anything. Internally, he's embarassed because he doesn't know where he can park his machine, and someone with strong mental powers may be able to pick up on that, even if they aren't talking to him. He likely isn't aware that he's broadcasting his feelings, so you'll have to point it out to him.
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[For those of you tuning in, the screen on your PDAs will turn on to reveal a young man in what looks like the machine hangar. Behind him is a large, white robot holding a rifle and a shield. Those of you in the hangar can spot this, too.]

Um, hey. I haven't introduced myself to most of you guys, have I? I'm Captain Asem Asuno of the EFF Special Forces. The machine behind me is my personal mobile suit, the Gundam AGE-2. I've got plenty of experience and skill on the battlefield, so don't hesitate to count on me out there.

...Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I've got two questions. First: how many of you out there could perform maintenance and resupply on mobile suits? We could use a team of mechanics since not all of us have the know-how to maintain our mobile suits besides basic repairs and adjustments. I'm also looking for someone to operate a computer for mine.

The second thing I want to know is how we can train. Do we have simulation programs or devices we could use? If we don't, could someone make some? I know a guy back home who made one from an old mobile suit cockpit and some spare parts, so it can be done.

...Um. That's all I have for now.


Jun. 5th, 2012 10:08 pm
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[After a long period of looking over and studying the features of this strange book-shaped PDA, Latooni decides it's time to actually use it.]


[A young girl's face defined largely by glasses, a serious expression, and somewhat poofy lavender hair looks out, addressing the network politely.]

Hello. My name is Latooni Suvota. I'm a member of the Earth Federation Army from...well, Earth. I was contacted by a Valkyrie and brought here to help with your fight.

My specialties are piloting and data analysis, so if anyone has a need for help with that please contact me., well, if anyone else from the EFA is here, could me too please?

Thank you for your time.

[There's a split second of the girl flopping backwards from the camera at the end of the feed before it cuts out. That might be the longest self-introduction she's ever done.]
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I've noticed there's a bunch of people running around here with mobile suits. Since our hosts don't seem too interested in organization, I'm taking it on myself to get us all in order, because the last thing we want is a bunch of giant robots that can knock over buildings stomping around without anyone in charge.

So who all has a giant robot, and who has command experience?
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[There's a pair of crimson eyes gazing into the PDA's screen, blue hair framing her face and a strange piece of head gear that most certainly can't be called a helmet. There's no expression on her face, she's quite serious right now. Ensuring that she wasn't there alone had been her first priority after the Valkyrie had brought her. There was a vague sense of relief that she wouldn't admit to, when she found three names listed: Gaignun Kukai Junior, Shion Uzuki and Wilhelm.

Mary's Will responded to the last name but not enough that either one would switch control right now.]

I am KOS-MOS, an Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon. I was brought here, as most of you were, by the Valkyrie to defend this place.

I have a priority that supersedes that however. Shion. I request that we meet somewhere as soon as possible. I can be located, at most times, in the Palace District where I have been assigned residence. Or I can come find you. My programming allows me to keep track of your life readings.
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[ Another new recruit to the city! REJOICE, REJOICE! Or don't. But there's a young woman studying her PDA with a non-plussed expression. Perhaps she's seen something like it before. Before she gets too distracted with inspecting the other features, she addresses the network. ]

There we go, it should be ... right. Good morning, my name is Shion Uzuki. I was Chief of the Vector's R&D Division back home, but that's not important right now. More importantly is that the Valkyrie brought me - all of us - here for a reason. I may not look like much, but I am fully capable of fighting alongside everyone else here, and I intend to pull my own weight, both in battle and out. If anyone needs to reach me for any reason, I've been assigned housing in the Dock's district, or you can contact me over this network.

Also - according to this screen here... it would appear that someone else from my world is here. I am relieved; Jr., give me a call if you see this. We should talk.
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[The PDA's feed opens to a very large blue eye. Said eye pulls back to show the huge round glasses frames around it, and the girl attached to the glasses. She smiles brightly and pushes those glasses up before speaking.]

Oh hey, there it goes... I mean, hi there! My name's Lucca. Lucca Ashtear. Wow, this place is amazing! I never thought I'd EVER find a mash-up of technology like this... A-anyway, I'm now rooming in the Deeps District, and before I get down to business I'd like to get to know everyone... also, does anyone know of a workshop or machine shop or some place that I can get to know what we'll be working with?
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[ Video ]
[ With a click, the video begins. Homura's expression is just about void of emotion, as she's taken the last five minutes reminding herself not to break. It's uncommon for Homura to introduce herself to new people, but she's trying to make this introduction as brief and painless as possible to avoid showing any cracks in her resolve. ]

My name is Homura Akemi. I'm a Magical Girl who contracted with a creature called Kyuubey. If you are a similar magical girl or know of one then please contact me. If a girl named Madoka Kaname is foolish enough to be taken here then please contact me. I can hold my own in a fight and do not expect anyone to come to my aid. Let's end this quickly and without any unnecessary distraction.

... It's nice to meet you all.

[ With that, the video ends. ]

[ Foundry District ]
[ Though she doesn't intend to waste her time with social interactions, Homura does see some appeal in getting to know her neighbors. At least enough to know their names... Maybe, secretly, she'd like to be at least somewhat friendly. Maybe know who she could turn to as potential allies.

So you'll find her wandering about. If she spots anyone at all, she'll calmly wave to them and offer a greeting
. ] Good day to you. Are you exploring the area as well?


May. 29th, 2012 11:00 pm
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With Qin's army pushed back, Thor called all of his guests to the palace, along with many of the other warriors of Midgard. Strange machines from forgotten pantheons that sought refuge, Valkyries in Thor's service, regular humans who took up arms and many others. Most of them looked upon the heroes from the bifrost in awe. Everyone was led by attendants to a huge, long room with polished stone floors, filled with rows of long tables of beautiful craftsmanship. Thor himself, a nine foot tall image of manly perfection in furs and leather, stood up from his seat at a table that was different from the other only in that it was big enough to make room for the god's large size, addressed the room.

"My guests! My friends! You have fought well this day and driven the enemy before you so much cattle! You have bent them to your will with martial skill and pure fury! You have made me proud and given me knew hope for the race of man!"

He raised a drinking horn high into the air, his voice thundering like, well, like a thunder god. "Tonight, eat, drink, and celebrate! Tonight we feast!"

With that, attendants and human servants brought in huge trays of food. The focus is on beer, bread, and meat, but there are plenty of other options for those so inclined. They only serve soft drinks to children (Anyone under 16), but by the standards of this place beer and mead are soft drinks. All around the room, musicians, dancers, and acrobats provided entertainment.

It was a hell of a party.

[A less frantic chance for people to meet face to face. The remainder of the action log shall continue to be backtagged for as long as necessary, but ICly the battle is done.]


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