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I can't tell what was done to these people, but if anyone is better at psychology or mental magic or anything like that, I've got a few of them that I've, er, incapacitated here.

[To anyone who finds her, "incapacitated" is such a soft word. She's got four. Two are frozen in place, by way of swords pinning their shadow to the ground somehow. The other two, however, are pinned more directly. They have similar looking blades stabbed through all their limbs, pinning them to the wall of the nearest building. Ciel herself is sitting on a nearby park bench, waiting for someone to show up.]


Jun. 22nd, 2012 10:15 pm
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[Ciel is outside the Palace District apartments in pink pajamas, with fuzzy slippers on her feet and murder in her eyes. She's shouting into the dark.]

Go ahead, laugh it up asshole. When I find you I'm going to make a hat out of your guts!

[The laughing gets harder.]
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[See Erika. See Erika looking through her stuff and checking out a few things here and there. She's got the book-like comms set up and you can see she's working on making herself at home.]

Hey all, I'm new here as well. Valkyries came to my house and I figured I'd say yes. I'm Erika Kurumi, and I'm 17 years old. [She doesn't look 17 but its clear the girl is in the middle of a growth spurt on how gangly she looks.]

I'm also a magical girl too.

Now if anyone can find out where I can get some things for my house, I'd appreciate it.
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[ Instead of Illya addressing the journal today, it's a floating, sentient stick. One that's seemingly distraught, because there's sweatdrops flying from the star part of the Kaleidostick as he speaks. ]

Greetings fair citizens and newcomers to this realm. It turns out my Master has gone off and gotten herself lost in this city. More importantly, she forgot to take this book with her, so I have no way of locating her.

So has anyone seen a teenage girl that looks like she's lost? It's been over a week now.
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I suppose it's time for less complaining, and more getting other people to do stuff. So, it looks like getting a team for intelligence gathering and such's been left up to me by Thor, since I was the first to talk to him about it. I'm looking for other people good at that kind of thing. Or getting in and doing things without the enemies noticing. I suppose some might call that kind of thing "dirty work", though taking care of problem quietly's a normal thing to do with enemies. Anyway, if you're good at that sort of thing, I'm looking for you. Also, if you know anyone like that, I'd like to talk to them.

If you were there for that attack, you might've noticed some battleships crashing and enemies attacking each other for no reason. I was messing with their perceptions. And I've some experience with helping find people information and targets. I did that sort of thing a lot in that thing that my world's now calling the Dream Savior War. Those magical girls would've had a lot more trouble even finding the enemy without me. I don't really care about bragging, but I was saying all that so you know my qualifications.

The rest of you should look into organizing yourselves as well. Even just having a good idea of who's good at what sorts of thing'll help.
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[After some confusion, and fiddling with his device, Soma rubs the back of his neck sheepishly]

Well, I never expected to get drafted... uhm. I'm Soma Cruz, a student normally. I can use a variety of magic, and weapons, so I'll help out however I can. If anyone recognizes me, the name Belmont or Arikado, let me know. Okay?

And if there's anything I can help with, let me know.

(man, as if my life isn't weird enough already...)

[he speaks again, realizing he's trailing off into his thoughts]

I'll be taking a walk in the foundry district to see where everything is.


[True to his word, he's wandering the area, standing out with his white hair and white coat, examining everything with a curious, but cautious eye]
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[Action; Palace District]
[...Well, chaotic introductions aside, Shirou had been spending his time wandering around and getting a grip to this place as he just tried to get a fact through his head: That he's not home anymore and that he's actually fighting for the sake of his own world. But... to Shirou, what's even more worrying was the presence of certain individuals here. Ilyasviel von Einzbern and Kiritsugu Emiya. The former he knew was never a combatant of any sorts, and he quickly found out that this one is from another world where she's... a magical girl.

That one's still hard to swallow.

Kiritsugu Emiya, though. Is a different thing entirely. The man's his father, and he looked pretty much ready to keel over from whatever was ailing him before his death. Not only that, it appeared that he... had given up on living? Whatever that was, he knows that right now, there are two people that he needs to make sure of their safety.

In any case, Shirou is now just wandering around, a thoughtful face in place rather than his usual gentle one.]

This place's really interesting, isn't it? It's totally different from my hometown, I guess. What about you guys? How different is this place from the one you're from?

Oh, and my name is Shirou Emiya. Pleased to meet you all.

First Rule

May. 28th, 2012 06:03 pm
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Man, gods can't even get the timing right when they're troubling me, can they? All that hassle to summon me from one world to another and they can't even manage it in time for that big battle they were fighting.

[The picture flips around, as if the person broadcasting is (roughly) examining the book he's using to record from multiple angles.]

This is a nice little toy, though. I bet the man in the tower would've been jealous.

[The picture flips again as the blond, garishly dressed man broadcasting this flips it down onto a table or desk and leans down over it.]

Well, none of that matters. People of...wherever this is! Your pleas for aid have been answered by the mighty GILGAMESH, KING OF HEROES! - but you can call me Archer, since that's the role I was summoned into just now.

As anyone here from the planet Earth surely knows, I'm my world's mightiest and earliest hero, and lucky for everyone hearing this, I've decided to come fight the moronic gods that are troubling people on this world.

Now, Thor or whatever damn fool is ordering him around caught me at a slight disadvantage. You see, I threw away immortality millennia ago, and I've been granted a second life through a magical contract. I won't bore you with the details, but that contract recently expired, so I'll be needing to make another one.

Anyone with magical power who wants to fight alongside the strongest and handsomest hero in Earth's history just needs to reply to this message and give up a bit of your prana to let me fight my best. In exchange, you'll be granted three boons from the most ancient and wealthy of kings, myself. More than a bargain, I assure you. If there's no takers, I suppose I'll have to avail myself of our "host", but frankly, gods leave a nasty taste stuck in my teeth, but trust me. You want me on your side.


May. 28th, 2012 11:45 am
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It seems I just missed a major battle. Hopefully I can be more useful next time. In the meantime, I'm Ciel.

Hopefully this won't get too out of hand and can be resolved without too much bloodshed. If it does, though, I think I might still be able to make myself useful.

It's odd. Valkyries are supposed to go after the spirits of dead warriors. What kind of people got to meet one before they died?


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