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Hey, you kill-crazy morons! Yes, I'm talking to you guys I've noticed doing that. So, those guys, there's something making them not think. Not like they've got no minds. More like they've still got their minds working, but they aren't using them. In other words, someone's messing with them. But I suppose you can't tell like I can. Anyway I'm going to try to find out who it's.

I don't care if you beat the crap out of them or whatever. Just don't be snuff-happy idiots.

Video ☆

Jul. 1st, 2012 02:18 pm
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[ Homura was lucky. Very lucky. She doesn't have much of importance for the Monkey King to take from her. Anything missing from her room has gone completely unnoticed; her books weren't going to be read anyway and she already stuck her new weapons in her shield.

But, just to be on the safe side, she decides to take precautions against a strike two. It's just taken her a while to summon the courage to actually bring this up publicly... It's terrifying to admit to this, since people may think poorly of her afterwards, but she has to. She can't risk being separated from her body.

Nothing of mine was taken, though I approve no less of those "hijinks". Despite my luck, I cannot count on it to continue. So I am taking precautions.

[ She holds her Soul Gem to the video. ] I am this gem. In the case that I am separated from my body, please return this to me as quickly as possible. I am hard to break, but I would appreciate you being careful.

Thank you. [ And she switches the camera's focus from herself to the wall. Not to be rude, but because she's a bit nervous after saying that and doesn't want to let it show. She immediately recognizes the downfalls of revealing her weakness... maybe she shouldn't put so much trust in these people.
Homura grips her gem tightly, then focuses the camera on herself again.

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[Backdated a fair bit to just after this.]

[It had been a fun evening. The woman - definitely a woman, and not a girl - was a warrior of some at least noticeable capability. She was pleasant company, even in more casual clothes, the Palace district had good food, and even if she was clearly not used to spending a lot of personal time with a man, Gilgamesh was more than willing to overlook any awkwardness. It was kind of cute.]

[The problem arose much later in the evening, when they'd returned to the Palace Villa for a drink that Gilgamesh could have technically summoned from anywhere. At the end of the ensuing conversation...well, Gilgamesh got some news he's reacting badly too, going to the next room and getting out his book to yell at as many people as possible.]

[Video, and Action in Gilgamesh's apartment]


[He's going to be angry about this for at least a solid minute or two.]
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I've noticed there's a bunch of people running around here with mobile suits. Since our hosts don't seem too interested in organization, I'm taking it on myself to get us all in order, because the last thing we want is a bunch of giant robots that can knock over buildings stomping around without anyone in charge.

So who all has a giant robot, and who has command experience?
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I suppose it's time for less complaining, and more getting other people to do stuff. So, it looks like getting a team for intelligence gathering and such's been left up to me by Thor, since I was the first to talk to him about it. I'm looking for other people good at that kind of thing. Or getting in and doing things without the enemies noticing. I suppose some might call that kind of thing "dirty work", though taking care of problem quietly's a normal thing to do with enemies. Anyway, if you're good at that sort of thing, I'm looking for you. Also, if you know anyone like that, I'd like to talk to them.

If you were there for that attack, you might've noticed some battleships crashing and enemies attacking each other for no reason. I was messing with their perceptions. And I've some experience with helping find people information and targets. I did that sort of thing a lot in that thing that my world's now calling the Dream Savior War. Those magical girls would've had a lot more trouble even finding the enemy without me. I don't really care about bragging, but I was saying all that so you know my qualifications.

The rest of you should look into organizing yourselves as well. Even just having a good idea of who's good at what sorts of thing'll help.
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[ Video ]
[ With a click, the video begins. Homura's expression is just about void of emotion, as she's taken the last five minutes reminding herself not to break. It's uncommon for Homura to introduce herself to new people, but she's trying to make this introduction as brief and painless as possible to avoid showing any cracks in her resolve. ]

My name is Homura Akemi. I'm a Magical Girl who contracted with a creature called Kyuubey. If you are a similar magical girl or know of one then please contact me. If a girl named Madoka Kaname is foolish enough to be taken here then please contact me. I can hold my own in a fight and do not expect anyone to come to my aid. Let's end this quickly and without any unnecessary distraction.

... It's nice to meet you all.

[ With that, the video ends. ]

[ Foundry District ]
[ Though she doesn't intend to waste her time with social interactions, Homura does see some appeal in getting to know her neighbors. At least enough to know their names... Maybe, secretly, she'd like to be at least somewhat friendly. Maybe know who she could turn to as potential allies.

So you'll find her wandering about. If she spots anyone at all, she'll calmly wave to them and offer a greeting
. ] Good day to you. Are you exploring the area as well?

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[The page shows a red-eyed woman whose paleness goes beyond the natural shades of even albinoness and into the outright monochrome range. There are three colors on her: black, white, and red. This even extends to her clothing, a simple black casual suit with a red tie.]

I checked out this place. There's no plan and no organization. They summoned us as a desperate move to fix a situation that they likely got themselves into. How irritating. Even the Queen of Dreams had better planning than this. Though she got herself into her own mess, too.

But we've got those morons to fight, who'll create a mess for our worlds if we don't deal with them. We need organization, and we need knowledge. I'm going to learn about our enemies and how to destroy their will to fight so we can defeat them more easily. For that, I'd like any prisoners you acquire brought to me so I can ask them questions. It's not like I've got any other use for the place they gave me in the Docks.

Oh, right, you need names and things like that. You can call me Deimonea. It's not the first name I've had, but it's one that's stuck around.

((OOC edit: While it most likely won't apply to this post, I figured I should again point out Deimonea's permissions post for future reference.))


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