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[ The camera depicts a small room in the Deeps apartments; considering how nice a lot of those apartments are, the room this broadcast is coming from is actually rather subdued, and unimpressive, with only the bare minimum of amenities. Unless, of course, you count a device in there the likes of which many of you have likely never seen before; a flat, golden disk laid out on a table, with a green, translucent cube of energy hovering above it, rotating and revolving three hundred and sixty degress in place, sometimes changing directions. Two circles rotated around it as well, in a gyroscopic fashion. Someone then begins speaking, but the source of the voice is off-screen. The contact is listed as 'Wilhelm.' ]

This dimension has its own Collective Unconscious.

[ The voice is eerily calm, and barely inflects at all. Any interest present in his words can only be implied; he addresses it as casually as if he were talking about the weather. ]

The 'Valkyrie' promised me a way to save my own universe from the activation of Anima, without the use of the Eternal Recurrence. I am unaware of how such a feat would be possible, but I am willing to cooperate, for now.

[ At the very edge of the screen, Wilhelm's fingers drum on the desk a few times, before the camera raises, implying that whoever was holding it had just stood up. He then walks over to a nearby phonograph, and placed a record on it, while turning the crank. The music of German composer Richard Wagner began playing, as Wilhelm returned to his desk. ]

The Compass is showing me a presence similar to that of U-DO here, only bearing its own individual consciousness instead of one large hive mind. This world, if nothing else, is fascinating.


May. 27th, 2012 08:18 am
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Greetings, aliens!

I am Yumemi Okazaki, Ph.D, former professor of Comparitive Physics and all-around academic superstar. Last year I dabbled in resolving the P=NP problem, and my current goal is to disprove the Grand Unified Theory of Physics.

On a related note! I've seen a few people out there using techniques that looked suspiciously similar to magic. As exciting as this might be, I'm not one to forget Clarke's third law so easily! I'm not going to accept that magic exists unless I can get real, irrefutable proof that it isn't a more easily-explained phenomenon.

I accept all challenges.

A New Leaf

May. 26th, 2012 07:00 pm
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[Your PDA activates and the image of a fat, blonde-haired boy appears.]

You know, when I agreed to be a hero, I didn't expect they'd be throwing us into some big war without a second's notice. Kinda nice of them. Nice in the way you could only expect a cosmic jerkface to be. There's a difference between being a soldier and a hero. If we're expected to fight and not have any of our questions answered, that's being a soldier. A hero does what he does because he's pretty darn sure he's fighting for what's right. Like "justice" or something.

I've got no problems with fighting a little. You saw me in that spider out in the battlefield, didn't you? I'm just hoping that Bifrost is actually safe where it is. Then again, it has to be safer than giving it to those things that tried attacking just recently. ... "Safer", by the way, doesn't imply we're actually safe. I just want to make sure that I'm actually a hero and not a soldier.

The name's Porky, by the way. Porky Minch. I'm something of an important person back where I'm from. Nice meeting you all.
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A few days have passed since the Qin army marched on Midgard's walls. The warriors already there don't know how much longer the front gate can last. The Qin forces are slowly picking off the wall's defenders, whittling down their numbers.

A metallic dragon twists and writhes in the sky, raining destruction from above. Sanzuwu streak back and forth across the sky, strafing and intercepting any aerial units. Shishi slam into the gates repeatedly, while terracotta soldiers make use of siege engines to break down the gate.

And finally, the inevitable occurs; the gate crashes open. Qin soldiers start flooding in.

But at that very moment...the Bifrost activates.

The first wave has come.

[[OoC: Welcome to the game! You'll be starting off fending off a Qin invasion. You are free to godmode enemies within reason, though the mods may occasionally take over from time to time. Defeat enough enemies, and a boss may appear...

Enemy types can be found with descriptions in the cut below.

Read more... )

And finally, Thor has something to say to you.]


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