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Shion, Allen, Junior, is there anything missing for your rooms that you cannot locate?

[KOS-MOS isn't missing anything. Mostly because she has nothing really, except her maintenance bed/monocycle and Dinah. And Dinah obviously wasn't kept in her room.]

Miss Ashtear. I've located several books that were on your list. [And your underwear.] The ones I cannot locate are likely to have already been returned to you. Would you like me to come and meet you?
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[Now that she has figured out of how to use this thing, Minako has decided it's probably time to introduce herself so when the video feed comes on, the network gets a slightly tired, but none the less friendly, smile and a bit of a wave.]

I guess needing medical attention isn't the best way to start my stay here, but now that I feel fine again, I figured I should introduce myself. [For a person who recently received medical attention she's pretty energetic.]

Anyways, I'm Minako Arisato and I'm here to help, I guess? [Mostly because she wants her world to be safe. One supernatural threat is more than enough, thanks.

She falls quiet for a bit then, as she thinks of how to continue. Come to think of it, she did see someone introducing themselves on this thing earlier and included...

Oh, as for what I can do, um... I think Personae are kind of a difficult concept to explain, but basically I'm good for both fighting and healing if necessary... [And if you look closely, there's what looks almost like a spear leaning against the wall behind her, though that's hardly her main weapon and she's not really acknowledging it right now. Do feel free to ponder though.]

I guess that's about it? [And then she does a bit of a mock salute.]

I look forward to being of assistance to you all!
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[Lucca's been especially scarce during the stinkbomb incident, content to work outdoors where the smell was... lessened. But now she has a reason to be searching the city and the rooms of the Deeps in particular.]


My books are missing! The entire library is GONE! Ohhh gosh, if I don't find them soon... If, if anyone finds any books on robotics, circuitry, solid-state engineering or magiteck, can you bring 'em over? Please!?

[She sounds a little panicked. Everyone has their mote of security, and it seems that was hers. The books are scattered EVERYWHERE, tucked in planters, up trees, in bathrooms, being held by statues, in decorative tureens in the palace district, in coiled ropes down near the docks...]

[Also of note the drier texts are sometimes paired up with some interesting companions. Things bearing titles like "Tangled Pistons of Passion", and "Lust and Superfluids: No Resistance to the Heat." Oh my.]
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[ Strangely enough, Wilhelm's room in the Deeps is... clean. Anyone who might have wandered in there before would have noticed it was thoroughly trashed, but now, it was as if nothing ever happened. And it's a known fact that Wilhelm didn't ask for help with cleaning his room. ]

The Monkey King was wise not to try to touch this.

[ Wilhelm says, as he turns to the Compass. There's a half-full glass of wine next to it, and the very corner of Joshua could be seen through the window adjacent to the window. Wilhelm doesn't seem even the slightest bit bothered by what transpired a few nights ago. If anything, he seems rather content. ]

It appears to be the only thing in my room he didn't come near. That is... intriguing.
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[Backdated a fair bit to just after this.]

[It had been a fun evening. The woman - definitely a woman, and not a girl - was a warrior of some at least noticeable capability. She was pleasant company, even in more casual clothes, the Palace district had good food, and even if she was clearly not used to spending a lot of personal time with a man, Gilgamesh was more than willing to overlook any awkwardness. It was kind of cute.]

[The problem arose much later in the evening, when they'd returned to the Palace Villa for a drink that Gilgamesh could have technically summoned from anywhere. At the end of the ensuing conversation...well, Gilgamesh got some news he's reacting badly too, going to the next room and getting out his book to yell at as many people as possible.]

[Video, and Action in Gilgamesh's apartment]


[He's going to be angry about this for at least a solid minute or two.]


Jun. 18th, 2012 04:03 pm
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I'm assembling a list of combat vehicles and mobile units among the forces who've come in through Bifrost. I've gathered the data from personal observation of the Docks and the network, so it's likely incomplete.

Please use this freely to organize command or maintenance plans if you wish, and please let me know if I'm missing anyone, or if you know any details I'm missing below. I'm leaving off all details besides pilot name for operational security. Thank you.

Unit - Pilot
PTX-006 Wildraubtier - Latooni Suvota
PTX-015 Wildwurger - Arado Balanga
PTX-016 Wildfalken - Seolla Schweitzer
AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 - Asem Asuno
G-Bouncer - Woolf Enneacle
Dinah - KOS-MOS, Allen Ridgeley, Shion Uzuki
Asher - Gaignun Kukai Jr.
Joshua - (?)
GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser - Setsuna F. Seiei
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[ There's a Shion in the Docks district puttering about. Putter putter! Putter. ]

You'll have to forgive me if this question has been asked already - but with the exception of those already from my world, how many here have experience in engineering and maintenance of mobile suits, or mecha.

I've offered to help someone with the proper maintenance of theirs, but I'll need a team of two other people to support me with the system.

Well, one, actually. Allen, I'd like you to back me up.

[ A pause, and then. ]

KOS-MOS, Jr.? How are you two doing?

[ She already talked to Wilhelm recently so she doesn't include him, SO THERE. ]
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[ Wilhelm can be seen in the video, pouring a glass of wine for himself. The camera angle reveals a bit more of his room, now, clearly indicating that he's in the Deeps district. The Compass of Order and Chaos was still fully functional, the two rings rotating around a translucent, green cube of energy. Wilhelm's back was to the camera for now, as he prepared his drink.

For someone as mindblowingly wealthy as Wilhelm is in his own world, his new apartment was relatively modest. He had come out of his office for now, the Compass still inside it, seated on a desk in a room with an open door, a painting by Van Gogh behind it. The room the office was apparently connected to appeared to be a living room of some kind, with a sunken, but still comfortable-looking leather couch, a few wall-mounted candles, and a fancy chandelier. Off to the side was a wine rack, full of bottles, and a few having been removed. ][ Wilhelm finally finished pouring his drink, and casually sat down on the couch, crossing one of his legs over the other. Maybe he's just taking a break? ]

I believe it is time that I assisted in the defense of this city. Would you not agree?

[ As the Deeps were giant cave full of geothermal power generators, there was no need for windows. Wilhelm's, however, did have a window, apparently, as a giant, glowing red eye in the shape of a strange, runic symbol suddenly lit up, dominating the view visible from the camera. ]

I will be sending Joshua into the battlefield now. He will be fighting on my behalf.

[ A silo of some kind must have opened, as sunlight began pouring down on Joshua's head. Suddenly, the giant, green mech shot upwards and out of sight from the window, as the feed ends. ]
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I've noticed there's a bunch of people running around here with mobile suits. Since our hosts don't seem too interested in organization, I'm taking it on myself to get us all in order, because the last thing we want is a bunch of giant robots that can knock over buildings stomping around without anyone in charge.

So who all has a giant robot, and who has command experience?
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[There's a pair of crimson eyes gazing into the PDA's screen, blue hair framing her face and a strange piece of head gear that most certainly can't be called a helmet. There's no expression on her face, she's quite serious right now. Ensuring that she wasn't there alone had been her first priority after the Valkyrie had brought her. There was a vague sense of relief that she wouldn't admit to, when she found three names listed: Gaignun Kukai Junior, Shion Uzuki and Wilhelm.

Mary's Will responded to the last name but not enough that either one would switch control right now.]

I am KOS-MOS, an Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon. I was brought here, as most of you were, by the Valkyrie to defend this place.

I have a priority that supersedes that however. Shion. I request that we meet somewhere as soon as possible. I can be located, at most times, in the Palace District where I have been assigned residence. Or I can come find you. My programming allows me to keep track of your life readings.


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