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[Like during her first transmission, Minako seems slightly fatigued.

She seems to be out and trying to keep some peace even with all the refugees flying into fits of rage and all. Right now though she's sitting down to try and regain her breath.
] Has anyone figured out what's up with all of them?

[She dodges out of the way then, as one such person flies by, knocked out by a creature in the background. Minako seems to pay it no mind though, instead taking a break from talking to the network to go and tie the now unconscious person up. Wouldn't want the man to wake up and go back to going on a rampage after all. She returns to the book moments later to continue.]

At this rate I think we'll all tire out.... [She seems worried.]

If anyone needs to be healed by the way, send a holler my way! Soldiering on seems to be all we can do for now and uninjured is definitely the best mode of operation... [She's trying to keep light-hearted here, even if she's really worried...]
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[Now that she has figured out of how to use this thing, Minako has decided it's probably time to introduce herself so when the video feed comes on, the network gets a slightly tired, but none the less friendly, smile and a bit of a wave.]

I guess needing medical attention isn't the best way to start my stay here, but now that I feel fine again, I figured I should introduce myself. [For a person who recently received medical attention she's pretty energetic.]

Anyways, I'm Minako Arisato and I'm here to help, I guess? [Mostly because she wants her world to be safe. One supernatural threat is more than enough, thanks.

She falls quiet for a bit then, as she thinks of how to continue. Come to think of it, she did see someone introducing themselves on this thing earlier and included...

Oh, as for what I can do, um... I think Personae are kind of a difficult concept to explain, but basically I'm good for both fighting and healing if necessary... [And if you look closely, there's what looks almost like a spear leaning against the wall behind her, though that's hardly her main weapon and she's not really acknowledging it right now. Do feel free to ponder though.]

I guess that's about it? [And then she does a bit of a mock salute.]

I look forward to being of assistance to you all!


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