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*Nier hasn't been out much.

You might have spotted him tending plants on his apartment balcony and such, but once he heard about the eruption of normal people suddenly becoming raving madmen, he found for some reason he didn't want to go out as much. Didn't want to risk running into someone like that.

Because if it turns out normal humans can flip out and become raving, bloodthirsty maniacs, it just further proves the point about the Gestalts -- and about how monstrous his own actions were.

He can't stay inside forever, however. Eventually, he has to go out to get supplies. These grocery stores are an odd thing for him compared to the normal markets, but he supposes they're convenient enough. Notably, he's not got any of his weapons on him. Doesn't want to have to do anything he'll regret later.

He's done that enough anyway.*

Third Rule

Jul. 7th, 2012 06:47 pm
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I have a question.

[Gilgamesh goes from looking at the "camera" to turning the book around to see what he's seeing - two of the 'berserk' residents wandering around the Palace district.]

Are we supposed to kill these things, or are we putting them down gently?

[Two bursts of light lash out from behind the camera and impact the affected citizens in the head, knocking each one over with a crack and laying them unconscious (possibly comatose) on the pavement. For a split second before the projectiles disappear, it's clear that that they were, in fact, swords - launched hilt-first.]

I ask because on the one hand, they sure as hell look like zombies. On the other hand, I just know there are a bunch of bleeding hearts here who don't want me killing things that might be human. But on the other hand: zombies. Also if they were normal humans this would probably kill them anyway. Since it's not, again: zombies.

I just wanted to clarify before I have to answer some thrown-together farce of a trial later from one of your knightly-types. Saber. Let me know, though, they're starting to get everywhere.

[Another crack of the same type indicates Gilgamesh has smashed another person's head off-camera somewhere before he ends the feed.]
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*Nier hadn't had to deal with the smell, so that had been a plus. However, the SECOND half of the prank is considerably more aggravating -- with the exception of the weapons he had on him, most of his copious amount of blades and spears had disappeared. You might have seen them, actually. Behind the washer, on the roof, all over the place.

He is not pleased at all by this development.

So pardon him if he seems a little grumpy as you see him wandering around all of creation trying to pull things back together. Damnit, it was hard enough GETTING most of them.*
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[Library District]

[For once in his life, Lancer regrets having such a keen nose. Because he had no need to sleep, he had been flipping through his notebook. When the stench hit, however, he was in as mad of a scramble as anyone else, trying to find a place where the stench was least severe. Even going into spirit mode only helped him move faster, but did not cancel out the horrid odor.]

[Once outside, he takes a moment to breathe in some fresh air. Even so, his nose is still unpleasantly clogged, and the stench seems to have clung to his nostrils.]


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[ It's Father's Day and Illyasviel von Einzbern returned just in time for it. Since she hasn't had anytime to check out potential markets in the area, she gave an attendant a simple request. This request?

"Please fetch a weapon that Kiritsugu could use well."

So for those who happen to be living in the same district as Illya, enjoy the sight of a girl trying to wrap up a gun. Yes, it does fire once or twice before an attendant will rush to help her unload it. While she does want to question how or why this weapon would be good for her father, she doesn't have the time to do so.

Earlier plotting with her destined lover foster brother meant there was going to be a party. He should have everything set up, so all that was left was to rush to the Palace to a certain boy's room.

All while dragging Kiritsugu there. It's a challenge that's not all that difficult for this heroine as she sets out to find the quiet man! ]
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*He needed something to take his mind off things, so he'd started poking around on this weird book thingy finally. He's still not entirely sure how the thing works, but he's somehow managed to stumble his way into what looks like some sort of place where people put up work, like some sort of message board. A few of the jobs looked very much in his usual purview.

Though he can't help but feel this work feels kind of low level, for some reason.

Either way, he's on his way over to the Docks to help some guys get some rats out of their warehouse. You might not know where he's going, but he sure is taking a lot of heavy weaponry with him whereever it is.*
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[If you are in the Grand Library, you might find your eye caught by the patron who just walked in. She's somewhat tall, with ankle-length, lavender hair. She's wearing glasses, a black shirt, and denim capris. Not the kind of woman you're used to seeing.

She walks in, passes the front counter, sits down at a computer for five minutes, then walks off into the many, many shelves found in the building. She emerges with a book, then heads to the lounge to settle in and read. Eventually, enough time will pass that she'll decide she can't finish the book in the library, so she returns to the shelves, takes another book, and checks both books out.

If you would like to talk to her, you may do so at any point in the library or on the road between the Grand Library and the Palace District villa.]
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*A goddamn book. All the possible things some sort of magic communication device could look like, and they had to make it look like a goddamn book. Even better, they decided to have him crash in a district known for its LIBRARY, of all things. He hasn't even stepped foot in the one back home since... THAT with Devola and Popola. He knows they're not doing it deliberately, but it's hardly doing his frame of mind any good.

It doesn't really matter if he introduces himself anyway. As far as he's concerned, he's just one of the grunts, destined to die eventually on the battlefield. With any luck, anyway. So instead, he decides to go out and take a walk, take in this huge, strange city. Might as well know the last city he's ever going to live in on some level.

And he walks a lot. You might spot him in any district save for his own, and he's quite distinctive: the rough, somewhat unattractive, one-eyed barbarian looking around with the air of a complete stranger to the town. The question is, do you approach?*


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