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[[Contrary to most others trying to protect each other, or, the sane ones from the berserk... This unlucky princess is about half-covered in blood.

Some of it is hers, as she had a good run-in with Lancer not long ago. However, she didn't make it home at all, and is still being chased by the berserk.

Lucky viewers might get to watch some amazing brutality at hand! Some unlucky schmoe gets caught by a beat trap on his legs. At about the same time, a rather wide saw blade comes flying for his torso at some ungodly speed, but from the other direction, a bladed pendulum has gone and caught him by the head, easily ripping him into four pieces; head, upper torso, lower torso, and below the knees.

Of course, Allura doesn't do this with a smile on her face, but she's cowering up against a wall, knees pulled up to her chest and hiding her head behind her arms. Her arm moved in time with the three weapons catching the berserk civilian so, it's obvious she's VERY responsible for that.]]
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[[A backdated intro post, since, I didn't do one sooner!

After being chosen and brought forth into the world, and consequently plopped down into her apartment, the second thing on her list was to figure out where she was now, and make her way around.

First was to get over the culture shock. From magical-medieval to technology... It was too much to get past without breaking out and resulting to a mild paranoia.

But still, she sets off, exploring from the Deeps, upward towards the surface. Every few feet, Allura would establish a trap of some sort, not that anyone without some means of magical, or godly, sight capabilities could see it. As far as she knew, only she could see them anyway, and it was only done for her own protection.

Surely, she was going to be safe here, but, that didn't give her a sliver of comfort.

So have one oddly dressed notPrincesswoman creeping about as if she were being stalked.]]
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*He needed something to take his mind off things, so he'd started poking around on this weird book thingy finally. He's still not entirely sure how the thing works, but he's somehow managed to stumble his way into what looks like some sort of place where people put up work, like some sort of message board. A few of the jobs looked very much in his usual purview.

Though he can't help but feel this work feels kind of low level, for some reason.

Either way, he's on his way over to the Docks to help some guys get some rats out of their warehouse. You might not know where he's going, but he sure is taking a lot of heavy weaponry with him whereever it is.*


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