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[ There's a Shion in the Docks district puttering about. Putter putter! Putter. ]

You'll have to forgive me if this question has been asked already - but with the exception of those already from my world, how many here have experience in engineering and maintenance of mobile suits, or mecha.

I've offered to help someone with the proper maintenance of theirs, but I'll need a team of two other people to support me with the system.

Well, one, actually. Allen, I'd like you to back me up.

[ A pause, and then. ]

KOS-MOS, Jr.? How are you two doing?

[ She already talked to Wilhelm recently so she doesn't include him, SO THERE. ]
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There isn't so much a new face in the Docks district as there is a rather large new robot floating around, searching for... something. You may notice that your radio's get jammed as the robot's green, particle-like exhaust comes out of the strange thrusters placed on the machine's shoulders. If you hail him the face of a rather serious looking young man will stare back at you.

"My name is Setsuna F. Seiei. I have come here in order to aid in the defense of Midgard." He... doesn't say anything else. Outwardly, he doesn't say anything. Internally, he's embarassed because he doesn't know where he can park his machine, and someone with strong mental powers may be able to pick up on that, even if they aren't talking to him. He likely isn't aware that he's broadcasting his feelings, so you'll have to point it out to him.


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