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*Christ on a crutch. He'd heard about this phenomenon going on, but he hadn't really expected to come face to face with it. Then this guy just went straight out nuts in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and the only guy there with any skill at ALL in handling it was the Hungry Wolf himself. So he'd thrown his hat in. Not literally, mind; he only threw his hat in victories.

Which he's beginning to wonder if he could scrounge out of this.

The madman has no technical skill at all, but in his state is so difficult to put down he almost didn't need it. Terry's been holding his own, but he's getting a little tired. His opponent isn't.

There'd been rumors of this sort of fighting happening back home. Whispers. He didn't know what the name of it was, but supposedly there were fighters out there who would just totally lose it. Couldn't feel pain, couldn't think reason. All they wanted to do was destroy -- and that seems to be what he's up against. He needs to end this now.*

Geez, you really are a tough cookie, aren't you... Looks like I'm really going to have to pull out all the stops here.

*His opponent only screeches in reply, and the two charge each other again. Ho boy.*

Void 001

Jul. 1st, 2012 04:30 pm
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[So Shu has just arrived here in the land of Midgard through the Bifrost. Why he's currently here? Well because he just finished cleaning up the mess in Tokyo and has a lot of free time on his hands. Plus he has a whole lot making up to do and redemption. Sure he has started to forgive himself more and more but it's still not 100% just yet.

So he's going to log onto his book thing and introduce himself. There is a boy on the video, brown hair and brown eyes, he looks like any normal seventeen year old, except for the fact that there are crystals on his face.]


Hello, I'm Ouma Shu, I come from Tokyo Japan from the year 2039. I have the power to use Voids, which is an object created from a person's personality. If you're from my world and my Tokyo, please allow me to use your heart to help fight, or allow me to help you fight. But, I'll warn you. Using a Void is dangerous. If it breaks, you will die. I am prepared to bear the burden of it all though. Oh right, I can only extract a Void if you're seventeen or younger.

I hope we can all work together to protect everyone.

Anywhere in the city

[Shu is trying to get used to walking around Midgard. If you spot him, he'll just be curiously looking about. If you look closely however, you'll see that his right arm is completely crystal.]


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Woolf is a the swimming pool with a pool hook, fishing underwear out of the water.

Looks like there's more in here than just his, so maybe it's time to reclaim your underthings before too many people see them?
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The Deeps

[Well, sleeping in this apartment  was nice. All cozy and warm and dream like. He could just sleep away the days in this place. Cross was exhausted after all, he's still only a fifteen year old, and even with all his training he did get tired (sadly). But he just got the rudest of awakenings. What the HELL was that smell. It was horrid, awful and it woke him up. Instantly sitting up, Cross covered his mouth and nose. Oh God he felt like he was going to be sick. Rushing outside his apartment, he's going to throw up outside...are you in the splatter zone?]

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*Early one morning, a hero arose from bed. Not to train. Not to set out on an epic quest.

No, he got up so he could run the hell out of the building and try to get some freaking fresh air. Which is why he's out here, clad only in boxers, gasping for air like his life depends on it.*

GOOD freaking Lord! It smells like the devil himself ripped one! Bleuugh!

*You gonna dare point out his lack of decorum? And no, there are no hearts on them, sorry.*
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[While most alchemists she knew, if placed in her position would be headed for the book stacks, Constance Airie had something else in mind. She was glancing at her PDA a moment, long enough to get her bearings on the map she had found of the Library District, navigating her way, asking some of the locals a few times where the best place to get coffee would be.

That led her to the small café, about three blocks from her apartment, where she was currently getting a seat towards the back of the room, placing her back to the wall, out of habit if nothing more. There were two reasons she chose a café, first being it was close to the apartments, which meant others in her position would probably go there; and the other reason being cafes were just as good as a bar to overhear information in. And usually in a café she didn’t have to worry about the clientele trying to paw at her.

The drink she ordered was a mocha, which seemed to be coffee, and hot chocolate rolled into one. Sipping at it she found that the smooth taste was enjoyable. Pulling out the PDA again she smiled at a few of the patrons who were casting a worried glance her direction before she slid out of her coat draping it in the corner chair before trying to figure out where to explore the rest of the day. The books, as tempting as they were, could wait a little longer at least. She wanted to get the feel of the area before she got lost in the stacks.]


Jun. 12th, 2012 06:01 pm
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In a bar in a dingy corner of the foundry district, Shinsuke was enjoying the custom of the land. The very oldest of human traditions anywhere.

That is, he was at a dingy bar getting drunk on cheap beer.

Not alone, though. It had gotten out that he was one of the heroes summoned by the gods, and so he had a small crowd surrounding him as he reluctantly tells the story of how he heroically fought the Qin monsters at the gate.

His tale seems to be diverging from reality a bit. Possibly because he wanted to make himself look good, but more likely because of the small forest of bottles on the counter next to him.

"And that's when the big guy's friends showed up. Of course, they weren't expecting the little guy...that's me by the way...to be able to...do something..."

He looked around and blinked owlishly.

"What was I talking about?"
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Who: Lancer, Archer (Fate/Prototype), Cross Blanchard, Terry Bogard
What: A Fae scouting party has been discovered. Orders were given to eliminate it before it could return to friendly territory.
Where: Outside Midgard
When: June 7
Warnings: Fighting.
Turn Order: Terry -> Lancer -> Archer -> Cross -> GM

Read more... )
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*A little bit of asking around and some light alteration later, there's now a primitive hoop attached to a wall surrounding a courtyard in the Deeps. Unfortunately for Terry, there weren't any real BASKETBALLS per se, but he seems to have tracked down something that's a relatively close equivalent. It doesn't have the same feel, but any port in a storm.

He tests it to make sure it's attached firmly, then nods.*



*And now here he is, standing in front of it.*

Hey, anybody up for a game? Or, hell, I know some of you are from different times and places, so I can always teach you if you don't know the rules.

☬ Video

May. 30th, 2012 10:18 am
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[ Have a loli lazily slumped on a really nice and luxurious looking red sofa, with red silk falling all around.

Bored Kuro is bored.

So, when do we fight again? Don't tell me you guys to scared already.


May. 29th, 2012 11:00 pm
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With Qin's army pushed back, Thor called all of his guests to the palace, along with many of the other warriors of Midgard. Strange machines from forgotten pantheons that sought refuge, Valkyries in Thor's service, regular humans who took up arms and many others. Most of them looked upon the heroes from the bifrost in awe. Everyone was led by attendants to a huge, long room with polished stone floors, filled with rows of long tables of beautiful craftsmanship. Thor himself, a nine foot tall image of manly perfection in furs and leather, stood up from his seat at a table that was different from the other only in that it was big enough to make room for the god's large size, addressed the room.

"My guests! My friends! You have fought well this day and driven the enemy before you so much cattle! You have bent them to your will with martial skill and pure fury! You have made me proud and given me knew hope for the race of man!"

He raised a drinking horn high into the air, his voice thundering like, well, like a thunder god. "Tonight, eat, drink, and celebrate! Tonight we feast!"

With that, attendants and human servants brought in huge trays of food. The focus is on beer, bread, and meat, but there are plenty of other options for those so inclined. They only serve soft drinks to children (Anyone under 16), but by the standards of this place beer and mead are soft drinks. All around the room, musicians, dancers, and acrobats provided entertainment.

It was a hell of a party.

[A less frantic chance for people to meet face to face. The remainder of the action log shall continue to be backtagged for as long as necessary, but ICly the battle is done.]
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sdjhfkjdhwoietdkjgoku goku nataku konzen tenpee kenny


[HOLY FRAK THAT IS A GIANT EYEBALL NEAR THE CAMERA. Which soon backs away to reveal it belongs to one cheerful kid wearing heavy shackles on the battlefield. He's just staring at the PDA he got issues, poking some buttons, when he hears a voice post from someone else and jumps, eyes going wide before a huge grin goes across his face.]

It talks?!
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Whoa now, seems I'm a little late to the introduction party. Hey, better late than never though. That's what I always say.

Name's Terry Bogard. They used to call me the Legendary Hungry Wolf back home, but who cares about titles like that, right? Looks like I'll be fighting with you guys for the long haul. At least, that's what I kinda gathered from the warrior gal who brought me here. I'll leave the complicated stuff to the people who can handle it though.

Nice to meet you guys. Anybody wanna just hang out sometime, maybe play a game of hoops, I'm down with it.
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So this place is way scarier than I thought it would be. I just came here because...well, nevermind that. Point is, suddenly I'm surrounded by gods and wizards and monsters.

This magic book they gave me is kinda neat, though. I guess if I talk to it, everyone else with a book like it can hear me. Anyone else feeling like they got more than they bargained for?


May. 27th, 2012 10:35 pm
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Are these PDAs classy or what?

Woolf Enneacle, mobile suit pilot, here to save the day. If anyone had any concerns about this being hard, just let me put them to rest. With the Ace of the Federation here, there's no way things are gonna go wrong.
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A few days have passed since the Qin army marched on Midgard's walls. The warriors already there don't know how much longer the front gate can last. The Qin forces are slowly picking off the wall's defenders, whittling down their numbers.

A metallic dragon twists and writhes in the sky, raining destruction from above. Sanzuwu streak back and forth across the sky, strafing and intercepting any aerial units. Shishi slam into the gates repeatedly, while terracotta soldiers make use of siege engines to break down the gate.

And finally, the inevitable occurs; the gate crashes open. Qin soldiers start flooding in.

But at that very moment...the Bifrost activates.

The first wave has come.

[[OoC: Welcome to the game! You'll be starting off fending off a Qin invasion. You are free to godmode enemies within reason, though the mods may occasionally take over from time to time. Defeat enough enemies, and a boss may appear...

Enemy types can be found with descriptions in the cut below.

Read more... )

And finally, Thor has something to say to you.]


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