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Woolf is a the swimming pool with a pool hook, fishing underwear out of the water.

Looks like there's more in here than just his, so maybe it's time to reclaim your underthings before too many people see them?
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*Early one morning, a hero arose from bed. Not to train. Not to set out on an epic quest.

No, he got up so he could run the hell out of the building and try to get some freaking fresh air. Which is why he's out here, clad only in boxers, gasping for air like his life depends on it.*

GOOD freaking Lord! It smells like the devil himself ripped one! Bleuugh!

*You gonna dare point out his lack of decorum? And no, there are no hearts on them, sorry.*
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I've noticed there's a bunch of people running around here with mobile suits. Since our hosts don't seem too interested in organization, I'm taking it on myself to get us all in order, because the last thing we want is a bunch of giant robots that can knock over buildings stomping around without anyone in charge.

So who all has a giant robot, and who has command experience?
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*The face on the screen looks mildly curious in the way of someone looking at something mildly obsolete.*

-and that does that. Man, talk about outdated.

So, ah, I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Allen Ridgeley, former chief of Vector Industries' First R&D Division. Though I guess most people here wouldn't know a thing about Vector, huh?

*He scratches the back of his head a bit awkwardly, then clears his throat and continues.*

A-anyway, I'm not much of a fighter, but I am pretty good with technology, so I'll see what I can do in that area. Shion, you're here too, right? Could you fill me in on what the technology here's like overall? This communicator can't be the best, right?

And...KOS-MOS... *He struggles a bit, trying to figure out what to say.* Report in.
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[The PDA's feed opens to a very large blue eye. Said eye pulls back to show the huge round glasses frames around it, and the girl attached to the glasses. She smiles brightly and pushes those glasses up before speaking.]

Oh hey, there it goes... I mean, hi there! My name's Lucca. Lucca Ashtear. Wow, this place is amazing! I never thought I'd EVER find a mash-up of technology like this... A-anyway, I'm now rooming in the Deeps District, and before I get down to business I'd like to get to know everyone... also, does anyone know of a workshop or machine shop or some place that I can get to know what we'll be working with?
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[ Honestly fed up with the blatant show of bravado he's seen thus far, this livid Demigod finally decides to announce himself to the public. Of course, he wouldn't normally do such things had there been no reason for him to speak. However, given that most of his newly made comrades seem to be as absentminded as children, he feels the need to remind them why they're here. ]

This is a war.

[ The appearance of a rather interestingly dressed man appears, one that has chosen to obscure his face with a golden mask. While half his face couldn't be seen, it's quite evident by his scowl that he disapproves of the situation at hand. ]

We have no time to remain idle. Focus your attention on the battle and less upon yourselves. This is not the time for us to be casually gossiping when the next attack is imminent.

[ He makes a good point, doesn't he? But he's being a tad too grumpy for his own good. ]


May. 27th, 2012 10:35 pm
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Are these PDAs classy or what?

Woolf Enneacle, mobile suit pilot, here to save the day. If anyone had any concerns about this being hard, just let me put them to rest. With the Ace of the Federation here, there's no way things are gonna go wrong.
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A few days have passed since the Qin army marched on Midgard's walls. The warriors already there don't know how much longer the front gate can last. The Qin forces are slowly picking off the wall's defenders, whittling down their numbers.

A metallic dragon twists and writhes in the sky, raining destruction from above. Sanzuwu streak back and forth across the sky, strafing and intercepting any aerial units. Shishi slam into the gates repeatedly, while terracotta soldiers make use of siege engines to break down the gate.

And finally, the inevitable occurs; the gate crashes open. Qin soldiers start flooding in.

But at that very moment...the Bifrost activates.

The first wave has come.

[[OoC: Welcome to the game! You'll be starting off fending off a Qin invasion. You are free to godmode enemies within reason, though the mods may occasionally take over from time to time. Defeat enough enemies, and a boss may appear...

Enemy types can be found with descriptions in the cut below.

Read more... )

And finally, Thor has something to say to you.]


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