May. 28th, 2012

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So this place is way scarier than I thought it would be. I just came here because...well, nevermind that. Point is, suddenly I'm surrounded by gods and wizards and monsters.

This magic book they gave me is kinda neat, though. I guess if I talk to it, everyone else with a book like it can hear me. Anyone else feeling like they got more than they bargained for?


May. 28th, 2012 11:45 am
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It seems I just missed a major battle. Hopefully I can be more useful next time. In the meantime, I'm Ciel.

Hopefully this won't get too out of hand and can be resolved without too much bloodshed. If it does, though, I think I might still be able to make myself useful.

It's odd. Valkyries are supposed to go after the spirits of dead warriors. What kind of people got to meet one before they died?
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[Cross is flipping through the pages of the highly technical computer leather journal thing or PDA. Currently he just staring amazingly at the piece of high tech technology. Man if only he had something like this at home. As he fiddles with it he manages to call someone. ]

Uh Hello? Person inside my book? How'd you get in there? Or wait you have one of these things too right?

[Clearly he's still trying to get the hang of it.]



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[The video feed winks on to a boy's smiling face. He can't be older than eleven. He's also wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, but his shoulders aren't within camera range, so his muscles aren't visible.]

Hi, everyone! I thought I should introduce myself now that everything has calmed down. My name's Gohan. Pleased to meet you!

Um, I may not look like it, but I'm actually really strong. I'm still a kid, but I don't need to be protected. I've also been in a lot of fights, too. So I want all of you to count on me out there, all right?

...Actually, I was kind of worried when the lady invited me, but I feel a lot better now that we've fought the enemy once. Most of the bad guys aren't actually living beings, which makes me feel a lot better about fighting them.

Um...I think that's it. Let's all protect our worlds!
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Whoa now, seems I'm a little late to the introduction party. Hey, better late than never though. That's what I always say.

Name's Terry Bogard. They used to call me the Legendary Hungry Wolf back home, but who cares about titles like that, right? Looks like I'll be fighting with you guys for the long haul. At least, that's what I kinda gathered from the warrior gal who brought me here. I'll leave the complicated stuff to the people who can handle it though.

Nice to meet you guys. Anybody wanna just hang out sometime, maybe play a game of hoops, I'm down with it.

First Rule

May. 28th, 2012 06:03 pm
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Man, gods can't even get the timing right when they're troubling me, can they? All that hassle to summon me from one world to another and they can't even manage it in time for that big battle they were fighting.

[The picture flips around, as if the person broadcasting is (roughly) examining the book he's using to record from multiple angles.]

This is a nice little toy, though. I bet the man in the tower would've been jealous.

[The picture flips again as the blond, garishly dressed man broadcasting this flips it down onto a table or desk and leans down over it.]

Well, none of that matters. People of...wherever this is! Your pleas for aid have been answered by the mighty GILGAMESH, KING OF HEROES! - but you can call me Archer, since that's the role I was summoned into just now.

As anyone here from the planet Earth surely knows, I'm my world's mightiest and earliest hero, and lucky for everyone hearing this, I've decided to come fight the moronic gods that are troubling people on this world.

Now, Thor or whatever damn fool is ordering him around caught me at a slight disadvantage. You see, I threw away immortality millennia ago, and I've been granted a second life through a magical contract. I won't bore you with the details, but that contract recently expired, so I'll be needing to make another one.

Anyone with magical power who wants to fight alongside the strongest and handsomest hero in Earth's history just needs to reply to this message and give up a bit of your prana to let me fight my best. In exchange, you'll be granted three boons from the most ancient and wealthy of kings, myself. More than a bargain, I assure you. If there's no takers, I suppose I'll have to avail myself of our "host", but frankly, gods leave a nasty taste stuck in my teeth, but trust me. You want me on your side.
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So this is how... ah yes.

[a silver-haired man smiles insincerely at the screen]

It seems that we are opening this act with introductions. I am Kuja - a mage of no small skill, and one who had experience the pleasure of being thrown into another's conflict.

[He gives a long-suffering sigh]

But I suppose that I am cast in the role of the hero this time.

[Kuja privately wonders how long this will last]
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sdjhfkjdhwoietdkjgoku goku nataku konzen tenpee kenny


[HOLY FRAK THAT IS A GIANT EYEBALL NEAR THE CAMERA. Which soon backs away to reveal it belongs to one cheerful kid wearing heavy shackles on the battlefield. He's just staring at the PDA he got issues, poking some buttons, when he hears a voice post from someone else and jumps, eyes going wide before a huge grin goes across his face.]

It talks?!


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