May. 29th, 2012

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[ Honestly fed up with the blatant show of bravado he's seen thus far, this livid Demigod finally decides to announce himself to the public. Of course, he wouldn't normally do such things had there been no reason for him to speak. However, given that most of his newly made comrades seem to be as absentminded as children, he feels the need to remind them why they're here. ]

This is a war.

[ The appearance of a rather interestingly dressed man appears, one that has chosen to obscure his face with a golden mask. While half his face couldn't be seen, it's quite evident by his scowl that he disapproves of the situation at hand. ]

We have no time to remain idle. Focus your attention on the battle and less upon yourselves. This is not the time for us to be casually gossiping when the next attack is imminent.

[ He makes a good point, doesn't he? But he's being a tad too grumpy for his own good. ]
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[Action: Throughout Midgard]

[This was not what she'd expected when she had agreed to come here. If she's honest with herself she isn't sure just what she'd been expecting. The last Saber remembers clearly was being on Camlann Hill, her body in excruciating pain, and then.... it's a haze what the Valkyries had said to her even though she remembers the idea behind it and Hephaestus had been kind enough to answer her questions once she was able to. Saber supposes it might have been the blood loss making her delirious at the time, but she remembers agreeing. She had resolved to live without regrets, right?

So she wanders the city, her damaged armor had been repaired and sent ahead to her apartment while she'd been healing. Excalibur, on the other hand, was returned to her and she used invisible air to fashion a sheath at her waist so that she could carry it with her unseen now that she could no longer summon it out of the ether like before. It was always best to be prepared though she felt naked walking like this without her armor on. Light as it was, getting into it would be a hassle now. And she'd enjoyed being able to skip the chore of tying her armor on and removing it at the end of a battle, but that was a fair price to pay for being human again.

That was another she she knew she'd have to get used to, being human again. Saber had expected to die on that hill not get another chance, a proper chance, at living out her life. Everything about life before felt so distant now. Could she even call herself Saber anymore?

While these thoughts go through her mind she looks through the city to get the best feel for the terrain. If she's truly meant to fight for this place she fully intends to get to know it well. It could very well be her home for years before they managed to make even a dent in their enemies' forces.]

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May. 29th, 2012 11:00 pm
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With Qin's army pushed back, Thor called all of his guests to the palace, along with many of the other warriors of Midgard. Strange machines from forgotten pantheons that sought refuge, Valkyries in Thor's service, regular humans who took up arms and many others. Most of them looked upon the heroes from the bifrost in awe. Everyone was led by attendants to a huge, long room with polished stone floors, filled with rows of long tables of beautiful craftsmanship. Thor himself, a nine foot tall image of manly perfection in furs and leather, stood up from his seat at a table that was different from the other only in that it was big enough to make room for the god's large size, addressed the room.

"My guests! My friends! You have fought well this day and driven the enemy before you so much cattle! You have bent them to your will with martial skill and pure fury! You have made me proud and given me knew hope for the race of man!"

He raised a drinking horn high into the air, his voice thundering like, well, like a thunder god. "Tonight, eat, drink, and celebrate! Tonight we feast!"

With that, attendants and human servants brought in huge trays of food. The focus is on beer, bread, and meat, but there are plenty of other options for those so inclined. They only serve soft drinks to children (Anyone under 16), but by the standards of this place beer and mead are soft drinks. All around the room, musicians, dancers, and acrobats provided entertainment.

It was a hell of a party.

[A less frantic chance for people to meet face to face. The remainder of the action log shall continue to be backtagged for as long as necessary, but ICly the battle is done.]
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[ So that was that. While being impulsive is normally set aside for her partner, Seolla knew without a doubt that if the Valkyrie asked it of Arado, he would go without question. It was an easy decision for Seolla as she flips the video control of her WildFalken on. With her tongue out, she addresses anyone else who might happen to be in their suits, expecting her partner of all people. ]

Don't tell me I beat you, dummy slowpoke! [ With a laugh, she fiddles with the controls for a bit more until it hits her. Why hasn't he commented yet? ] Ehhh? Arado?

[ It cuts out shortly after that. Arado wasn't here! The very thought of being away from her partner tore at her heart and left her feeling empty and every variation of the word she could think of. So for those who would travel outside of the Wards district, enjoy the sight of a seemingly vacant giant robot. ]


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