Jun. 3rd, 2012

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*A goddamn book. All the possible things some sort of magic communication device could look like, and they had to make it look like a goddamn book. Even better, they decided to have him crash in a district known for its LIBRARY, of all things. He hasn't even stepped foot in the one back home since... THAT with Devola and Popola. He knows they're not doing it deliberately, but it's hardly doing his frame of mind any good.

It doesn't really matter if he introduces himself anyway. As far as he's concerned, he's just one of the grunts, destined to die eventually on the battlefield. With any luck, anyway. So instead, he decides to go out and take a walk, take in this huge, strange city. Might as well know the last city he's ever going to live in on some level.

And he walks a lot. You might spot him in any district save for his own, and he's quite distinctive: the rough, somewhat unattractive, one-eyed barbarian looking around with the air of a complete stranger to the town. The question is, do you approach?*
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[There's a pair of crimson eyes gazing into the PDA's screen, blue hair framing her face and a strange piece of head gear that most certainly can't be called a helmet. There's no expression on her face, she's quite serious right now. Ensuring that she wasn't there alone had been her first priority after the Valkyrie had brought her. There was a vague sense of relief that she wouldn't admit to, when she found three names listed: Gaignun Kukai Junior, Shion Uzuki and Wilhelm.

Mary's Will responded to the last name but not enough that either one would switch control right now.]

I am KOS-MOS, an Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon. I was brought here, as most of you were, by the Valkyrie to defend this place.

I have a priority that supersedes that however. Shion. I request that we meet somewhere as soon as possible. I can be located, at most times, in the Palace District where I have been assigned residence. Or I can come find you. My programming allows me to keep track of your life readings.


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