Jun. 5th, 2012

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*The face on the screen looks mildly curious in the way of someone looking at something mildly obsolete.*

-and that does that. Man, talk about outdated.

So, ah, I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Allen Ridgeley, former chief of Vector Industries' First R&D Division. Though I guess most people here wouldn't know a thing about Vector, huh?

*He scratches the back of his head a bit awkwardly, then clears his throat and continues.*

A-anyway, I'm not much of a fighter, but I am pretty good with technology, so I'll see what I can do in that area. Shion, you're here too, right? Could you fill me in on what the technology here's like overall? This communicator can't be the best, right?

And...KOS-MOS... *He struggles a bit, trying to figure out what to say.* Report in.
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I've noticed there's a bunch of people running around here with mobile suits. Since our hosts don't seem too interested in organization, I'm taking it on myself to get us all in order, because the last thing we want is a bunch of giant robots that can knock over buildings stomping around without anyone in charge.

So who all has a giant robot, and who has command experience?


Jun. 5th, 2012 10:08 pm
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[After a long period of looking over and studying the features of this strange book-shaped PDA, Latooni decides it's time to actually use it.]


[A young girl's face defined largely by glasses, a serious expression, and somewhat poofy lavender hair looks out, addressing the network politely.]

Hello. My name is Latooni Suvota. I'm a member of the Earth Federation Army from...well, Earth. I was contacted by a Valkyrie and brought here to help with your fight.

My specialties are piloting and data analysis, so if anyone has a need for help with that please contact me.

And...um, well, if anyone else from the EFA is here, could you...contact me too please?

Thank you for your time.

[There's a split second of the girl flopping backwards from the camera at the end of the feed before it cuts out. That might be the longest self-introduction she's ever done.]


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