Jun. 12th, 2012

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[Didn't take too long for Arado to come to the decision to fight for Midgard. He figured that if he was called upon to be a hero, of all people, then that must mean Seolla was there and waiting for him. Oh boy, he wasn't going to hear the end of it, that's for sure. But, instead of figuring out where he is and what he's going to be doing, he'll flip on his mechs' video communication, ignoring the cool computer-tome thingie! Though, he's going to be rather informal, because he is a growing young boy, and those have priorities. To those with any sort of communication open, have a purple-haired teenager sitting in his cockpit, giving an awkward wave.]

Hey...anyone else out there? Seolla? Arado Balanga reporting in... So, where's the places to eat around here? I'm getting pretty hungry....


Jun. 12th, 2012 06:01 pm
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In a bar in a dingy corner of the foundry district, Shinsuke was enjoying the custom of the land. The very oldest of human traditions anywhere.

That is, he was at a dingy bar getting drunk on cheap beer.

Not alone, though. It had gotten out that he was one of the heroes summoned by the gods, and so he had a small crowd surrounding him as he reluctantly tells the story of how he heroically fought the Qin monsters at the gate.

His tale seems to be diverging from reality a bit. Possibly because he wanted to make himself look good, but more likely because of the small forest of bottles on the counter next to him.

"And that's when the big guy's friends showed up. Of course, they weren't expecting the little guy...that's me by the way...to be able to...do something..."

He looked around and blinked owlishly.

"What was I talking about?"
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*He needed something to take his mind off things, so he'd started poking around on this weird book thingy finally. He's still not entirely sure how the thing works, but he's somehow managed to stumble his way into what looks like some sort of place where people put up work, like some sort of message board. A few of the jobs looked very much in his usual purview.

Though he can't help but feel this work feels kind of low level, for some reason.

Either way, he's on his way over to the Docks to help some guys get some rats out of their warehouse. You might not know where he's going, but he sure is taking a lot of heavy weaponry with him whereever it is.*
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[If you are in the Grand Library, you might find your eye caught by the patron who just walked in. She's somewhat tall, with ankle-length, lavender hair. She's wearing glasses, a black shirt, and denim capris. Not the kind of woman you're used to seeing.

She walks in, passes the front counter, sits down at a computer for five minutes, then walks off into the many, many shelves found in the building. She emerges with a book, then heads to the lounge to settle in and read. Eventually, enough time will pass that she'll decide she can't finish the book in the library, so she returns to the shelves, takes another book, and checks both books out.

If you would like to talk to her, you may do so at any point in the library or on the road between the Grand Library and the Palace District villa.]


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