Jun. 23rd, 2012

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Normally weird smells didn't wake Constance up, but this time... Yeah the Alchemist was now getting out of her apartment standing on the lawn coughing. Her wrist guard missing, though she had managed to pull her long coat over her nightgown at least.

Tapping her wrist to her hip she drew a small bit of clean water to her she used it to clean off a patch on her jacket to breathe through.

"Okay seriously whomever pulled this joke off show yourself!" Grumpy Alchemist is grumpy!
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The Deeps

[Well, sleeping in this apartment  was nice. All cozy and warm and dream like. He could just sleep away the days in this place. Cross was exhausted after all, he's still only a fifteen year old, and even with all his training he did get tired (sadly). But he just got the rudest of awakenings. What the HELL was that smell. It was horrid, awful and it woke him up. Instantly sitting up, Cross covered his mouth and nose. Oh God he felt like he was going to be sick. Rushing outside his apartment, he's going to throw up outside...are you in the splatter zone?]

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[Library District]

[For once in his life, Lancer regrets having such a keen nose. Because he had no need to sleep, he had been flipping through his notebook. When the stench hit, however, he was in as mad of a scramble as anyone else, trying to find a place where the stench was least severe. Even going into spirit mode only helped him move faster, but did not cancel out the horrid odor.]

[Once outside, he takes a moment to breathe in some fresh air. Even so, his nose is still unpleasantly clogged, and the stench seems to have clung to his nostrils.]


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Thor himself contacts everyone via PDABook.

"We have uncovered the scoundrel behind this prank. It is none other than the Monkey King himself!"

In a most undivine moment, he actually looks a bit embarrassed.

"Unfortunately, he...uh, got away. Anyways, the attendants have cleared out the majority of the smell, so you should probably go back and check to make sure he didn't pilfer anything while you were out."

Investigation reveals that, sure enough, while everyone was outside the Monkey King went through everyone's stuff and scattered it all over the place. Your things can be found just about anywhere in the apartment complex: In the pool, in other people's rooms, in the dishwasher, on the roof, hanging from the power lines, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.


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