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*Christ on a crutch. He'd heard about this phenomenon going on, but he hadn't really expected to come face to face with it. Then this guy just went straight out nuts in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and the only guy there with any skill at ALL in handling it was the Hungry Wolf himself. So he'd thrown his hat in. Not literally, mind; he only threw his hat in victories.

Which he's beginning to wonder if he could scrounge out of this.

The madman has no technical skill at all, but in his state is so difficult to put down he almost didn't need it. Terry's been holding his own, but he's getting a little tired. His opponent isn't.

There'd been rumors of this sort of fighting happening back home. Whispers. He didn't know what the name of it was, but supposedly there were fighters out there who would just totally lose it. Couldn't feel pain, couldn't think reason. All they wanted to do was destroy -- and that seems to be what he's up against. He needs to end this now.*

Geez, you really are a tough cookie, aren't you... Looks like I'm really going to have to pull out all the stops here.

*His opponent only screeches in reply, and the two charge each other again. Ho boy.*
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[And then a shout from the side:]

Break off! Fall back!
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[And in comes Gawain, charging with the force of a raging bull, tackling the refugee to the ground. Enhanced the guy may be, but he's still no match for a Servant.]
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We do! Do you have any ways of doing so?
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Then call in the law enforcement -- they should possess something!
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It will be done!

[Yeah, there's no chance of him escaping.]
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Indeed. This sort of behavior would normally be passed off as disgruntlement, yet this strength...
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Were that the case, then would we not have been affected as well?
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Yes, it is. It clearly is not natural, at any rate.
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Yes, it does. Confusing the enemy is a tried and true tactic.