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LOG ❖ Closed

WHO: [personal profile] Yoko Littner & [personal profile] Wilhelm
WHAT: Continuation of this discussion in person
WHERE: Wilhelm's home
WHEN: Evening of July 7th

[ After ensuring the children had been safely evacuated elsewhere and with a suitable amount of guardians to watch over them, Yoko knew there was only one other thing for her to accomplish that day. One individual caught her interest and with the invitation to meet up with them fresh on her mind, she made for the Deeps.

Once there, she'll make her appearance known not only with a knock, but a loud exclamation that she's arrived. After one attack, it didn't take her long to find out there had been many others, so it was time to play it safe. So hope Wilhelm is prepared for one school teacher who is carrying around a large gun. At least she didn't put on the shorts and bikini top. ]

Hey! Are you going to open up or what?

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