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The Last Free City Mods ([personal profile] the_last_free_mods) wrote in [community profile] last_free_city2012-07-21 05:56 pm
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Worse to Better

As sudden as the outbreak of berserker rage had started, it stopped. Residents who were tearing everything they can get their hands on suddenly dropped to the ground like puppets with their strings cut off. Those were were never affected by the rage started to clean up and carry the victims to suitable places to rest.

After some time passed, none of the berserked people had woken up yet, but Hephaestus soon made an announcement on the PDABook.

"Can't say that I expected it to end just like that, but you did good." He wiped the sweat off his brow, it's quite apparent he's still working while speaking by the sound of hammering metal. "Death toll's lower then projected. Knowing Thor he'll be having a feast set up to reward you soon enough. If any of you need to replace or repair your weapons, you better come to the foundry before the work piles up again."

There's an especially loud CLANG! then a sudden hiss as steam rises up. "Now I can get back to work!" The screen goes blank.

But what about the catatonic people?

((ooc: As stated, the city is now safe, but messy! Every NPC effected by the madness is now in a catatonic state and being cared for. Hephaestus will be doing repairs, and some tempering of weapons the PCs uses, effectively making them easier to wield and hit harder))

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