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Funny how things worked out sometimes. Once Upon A Time Reno had lived in a City called Midgar, and now someone had recruited him for work in this mysterious, trans-dimensional place called Midgard. If you thought about it, kind of spooky.

Still, he was always up for a brand new challenge, and this city was offering plenty of it. He looked around at his home for the time being, however long the war would last, and almost felt at home. There was definitely a nostalgic feeling being here, though his own city was two years gone.

Walking the streets, he tried to become familiar here, memories of happier times, at least for him, crossing his thoughts every so often. Time sure did fly, didn't it? After all he'd been through, it seemed too long and awfully short all at the same time.

Hey, this wasn't so bad. He could even get to like it here in time. Just got to make the right connections, meet the right people, get someone to go drinking with after a mission and he'd have it set. Definitely.
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Well, here was one person that would be worth befriending. KOS-MOS walked quietly along the streets, appearing as simply a young woman with questionable taste in clothing.
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Of course! 8D

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KOS-MOS didn't return the wave, but she did stop and turn to acknowledge him. He obviously didn't know the area and if he had to ask if she was from around here, then he was obviously new to Midgard.

"Hello. I am not, I am from an entirely different universe.