Aug. 4th, 2012 07:50 pm
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Apologies to everyone. This is a mod announcement that Lotus and I did not want to make, but feel under the circumstances we have to.

Due to the uncertainty caused by a switch in mod team, and severe decrease in activity, we came to the conclusion that is for the best to officially close Last Free City. We feel this is for the best so players can feel free to find another game to play and won't be left to wonder what's going on.

Good luck to everyone still around to read this - I hope for the best for all you guys, you're great players.


Jul. 28th, 2012 11:08 pm
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Funny how things worked out sometimes. Once Upon A Time Reno had lived in a City called Midgar, and now someone had recruited him for work in this mysterious, trans-dimensional place called Midgard. If you thought about it, kind of spooky.

Still, he was always up for a brand new challenge, and this city was offering plenty of it. He looked around at his home for the time being, however long the war would last, and almost felt at home. There was definitely a nostalgic feeling being here, though his own city was two years gone.

Walking the streets, he tried to become familiar here, memories of happier times, at least for him, crossing his thoughts every so often. Time sure did fly, didn't it? After all he'd been through, it seemed too long and awfully short all at the same time.

Hey, this wasn't so bad. He could even get to like it here in time. Just got to make the right connections, meet the right people, get someone to go drinking with after a mission and he'd have it set. Definitely.
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Tseng's first order of business after arriving was to begin a tour of the city. Looking at maps was all well and good, but you didn't learn a city without walking it. A map didn't tell you about the little nooks and crannies that might save your life.

It was also a way to get to know the sorts of people the city had within it. Who he'd be fighting alongside and supposed to help keep alive. He can be found at various times in the different districts, checking the map in his book at random intervals.

For those who know how to look, he is armed beneath his suit and certainly has the air of someone dangerous about him. Whether he comes off as an assassin or a tax collector is debatable at best.
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Due to the general state of the RP during the last couple of weeks, there will be no activity check this month. In other words, everyone gets a free buy. If there is any need to drop characters, use the drop thread because you cannot count on idling out. Activity checks will resume next month so everyone, please make sure to get in enough activity for the next cycle.
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As sudden as the outbreak of berserker rage had started, it stopped. Residents who were tearing everything they can get their hands on suddenly dropped to the ground like puppets with their strings cut off. Those were were never affected by the rage started to clean up and carry the victims to suitable places to rest.

After some time passed, none of the berserked people had woken up yet, but Hephaestus soon made an announcement on the PDABook.

"Can't say that I expected it to end just like that, but you did good." He wiped the sweat off his brow, it's quite apparent he's still working while speaking by the sound of hammering metal. "Death toll's lower then projected. Knowing Thor he'll be having a feast set up to reward you soon enough. If any of you need to replace or repair your weapons, you better come to the foundry before the work piles up again."

There's an especially loud CLANG! then a sudden hiss as steam rises up. "Now I can get back to work!" The screen goes blank.

But what about the catatonic people?

((ooc: As stated, the city is now safe, but messy! Every NPC effected by the madness is now in a catatonic state and being cared for. Hephaestus will be doing repairs, and some tempering of weapons the PCs uses, effectively making them easier to wield and hit harder))
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*Nier hasn't been out much.

You might have spotted him tending plants on his apartment balcony and such, but once he heard about the eruption of normal people suddenly becoming raving madmen, he found for some reason he didn't want to go out as much. Didn't want to risk running into someone like that.

Because if it turns out normal humans can flip out and become raving, bloodthirsty maniacs, it just further proves the point about the Gestalts -- and about how monstrous his own actions were.

He can't stay inside forever, however. Eventually, he has to go out to get supplies. These grocery stores are an odd thing for him compared to the normal markets, but he supposes they're convenient enough. Notably, he's not got any of his weapons on him. Doesn't want to have to do anything he'll regret later.

He's done that enough anyway.*
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WHO: [personal profile] Yoko Littner & [personal profile] Wilhelm
WHAT: Continuation of this discussion in person
WHERE: Wilhelm's home
WHEN: Evening of July 7th
LOG: Heartful Cry )
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*As subtly as possible, a slight blur of green has been ducking into a number of buildings in the area looking for any sorts of clues in regards to who is responsible for the current problem. Incorporeality is useful when it comes to needing to be where you're not supposed to be, among many other wonderful uses, and Tojiko's using it to full extent. Can't have your side eating itself out from within, after all.

Of course, this has the disadvantage of potentially startling anybody who DOES see her. Or, alternatively, letting her catch people doing rather... private things.*
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I can't tell what was done to these people, but if anyone is better at psychology or mental magic or anything like that, I've got a few of them that I've, er, incapacitated here.

[To anyone who finds her, "incapacitated" is such a soft word. She's got four. Two are frozen in place, by way of swords pinning their shadow to the ground somehow. The other two, however, are pinned more directly. They have similar looking blades stabbed through all their limbs, pinning them to the wall of the nearest building. Ciel herself is sitting on a nearby park bench, waiting for someone to show up.]
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[Like during her first transmission, Minako seems slightly fatigued.

She seems to be out and trying to keep some peace even with all the refugees flying into fits of rage and all. Right now though she's sitting down to try and regain her breath.
] Has anyone figured out what's up with all of them?

[She dodges out of the way then, as one such person flies by, knocked out by a creature in the background. Minako seems to pay it no mind though, instead taking a break from talking to the network to go and tie the now unconscious person up. Wouldn't want the man to wake up and go back to going on a rampage after all. She returns to the book moments later to continue.]

At this rate I think we'll all tire out.... [She seems worried.]

If anyone needs to be healed by the way, send a holler my way! Soldiering on seems to be all we can do for now and uninjured is definitely the best mode of operation... [She's trying to keep light-hearted here, even if she's really worried...]
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[The Gundam AGE-2 is standing outside the villa in the Wards district. There are a few refugees attacking it -- they seem to know that somebody is inside it. However, the refugees are one-tenth the height of the Gundam, and about one-thousandth the mass (and that's being generous), so their punches and kicks are doing nothing except hurting themselves. Not that something as insignificant as pain would stop them.

But the Gundam is just standing there. It doesn't even seem to be on. Attempts to hail it won't get a response unless it's something that would grab the pilot's attention. So don't hesitate to try!]
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[  Video ]
[ A serious faced girl can be seen on the screen, after she's struggled for quite some time deciding what to say. She bows her head in a slight nod and glances off screen, then at the screen again. ]
My name is Marron Dystini. I am a new recruit. I intend to use my abilities to the fullest and contribute positively to this team. Please alert me of anything in particular that I may do to be of assistance. I am adaptable and would like a chance to learn more about those I will be fighting alongside.

That said, there seems to be a disturbance amongst the public here. I would like to request details so that I may be effective in assisting in whatever is causing this.

I also want to know if there is a fish pond in this city.

Thank you very much. I'm sorry if I've wasted your time.

[ Action:Ward District ]
[ Initially, Marron can be seen walking around the ward awkwardly. She wants to find a shooting range (and a pond with fishies and froggies) but isn't sure where to go, or if she'll be able to find her way back here, so has resorted to toddling around while she tries to make up her mind. ]

I will get lost. I am unfamiliar with this area. I always become lost. [ She stops and sighs. ] Fate, what do I do? [ Of course, no one answers her. ]
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The following characters did not reply to the Activity Check and are warned. If their players fail to supply adequate activity for July, they will be booted from the game.

Kuro von Einzbern
Kino and Hermes
Kiritsugu Emiya
Marron Dystini
Porky Minch
Shirou Emiya
Yoko Litner

If your name is on this list and you feel like it should not be, now is the time to let us know.

As this is the first activity cycle, no one has been dropped.


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:17 pm
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Hey, you kill-crazy morons! Yes, I'm talking to you guys I've noticed doing that. So, those guys, there's something making them not think. Not like they've got no minds. More like they've still got their minds working, but they aren't using them. In other words, someone's messing with them. But I suppose you can't tell like I can. Anyway I'm going to try to find out who it's.

I don't care if you beat the crap out of them or whatever. Just don't be snuff-happy idiots.
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[What was going on in Midgard? Sure there was the opening invasion, and then that scouting mission he was on, and lastly those stupid pranks that happened. Now there was beserker citizens attacking people? Well this sounded like a mystery! But what could be causing it? Magic? Or maybe it was some hallucinogen?

Cross has taken to the streets.. He's looking around, his visor on, as he tries to gather statistics on whatever was out of the ordinary in people. Like elevated heart rate, blood pressure spikes, just something strange in a person's body.]

Hmmmm...come on, come on. Somebody jump out and be crazy so I can help yoooou....


Heeeeey, has anybody run into any of the crazy people yet? If so, can you point me in the direction of them? Cause yeah, maybe the doctors here can fix them.

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[[Contrary to most others trying to protect each other, or, the sane ones from the berserk... This unlucky princess is about half-covered in blood.

Some of it is hers, as she had a good run-in with Lancer not long ago. However, she didn't make it home at all, and is still being chased by the berserk.

Lucky viewers might get to watch some amazing brutality at hand! Some unlucky schmoe gets caught by a beat trap on his legs. At about the same time, a rather wide saw blade comes flying for his torso at some ungodly speed, but from the other direction, a bladed pendulum has gone and caught him by the head, easily ripping him into four pieces; head, upper torso, lower torso, and below the knees.

Of course, Allura doesn't do this with a smile on her face, but she's cowering up against a wall, knees pulled up to her chest and hiding her head behind her arms. Her arm moved in time with the three weapons catching the berserk civilian so, it's obvious she's VERY responsible for that.]]
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[Video/Accidental/Action; Foundry]]

So I just have to beat their asses up, yeah?

[The feed opens up to a blue-haired man being surrounded by frenzied citizens. There's just a simple shrug for him as he continued.]

No offense but you guys are kinda ruining my day here so-

[And he just CHARGES right at them.]

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[Video/Action; Palace District]


[You can see the diary being dropped to the ground as it records Shirou being slammed to the ground quite hard by the frenzied civilians while holding a wooden sword.]

The hell? Hey! Are you alright!?

[He didn't even waste time to get up and get to an injured girl by the sidewalk, tending to her as the frenzied citizens charged at them.

Concept realized, magic circuits active, do not kill do not kill do not kill, trigger in check, pull it, slam it down.]

Trace, on.

[And as one of them is about to reach him, they're going to be blocked by the wooden sword, before a blow to the head knocked one out.

There are still a lot of them, and Shirou can't afford to kill them. This must be what the news was about, wasn't it?

Getting the girl to safety is his first priority. Grabbing the diary, the feed shuts off with these final words.]

Don't worry, I'll get you back. I promise.
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[ During those riots, a very large, and obscenely fast green mech with a long, jagged spike sticking out of one its arms repeatedly darts back and forth through the city, spraying down flak-lasers in wide, impossible precise arcs, almost never missing a shot.

One thing people who know anything about mechs might realize is that E.S. Joshua is rather skeletal in appearance, with no visible cockpit; only a long 'spine' connecting its hollow top to its legs. This might make some people think it's AI-controlled, but those with psychic abilities can tell there's something else entirely controlling it.

Meanwhile, those who check on Wilhelm's frequency can see him simply staring into the Compass, very intently, obviously concentrating on something. ]

Third Rule

Jul. 7th, 2012 06:47 pm
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I have a question.

[Gilgamesh goes from looking at the "camera" to turning the book around to see what he's seeing - two of the 'berserk' residents wandering around the Palace district.]

Are we supposed to kill these things, or are we putting them down gently?

[Two bursts of light lash out from behind the camera and impact the affected citizens in the head, knocking each one over with a crack and laying them unconscious (possibly comatose) on the pavement. For a split second before the projectiles disappear, it's clear that that they were, in fact, swords - launched hilt-first.]

I ask because on the one hand, they sure as hell look like zombies. On the other hand, I just know there are a bunch of bleeding hearts here who don't want me killing things that might be human. But on the other hand: zombies. Also if they were normal humans this would probably kill them anyway. Since it's not, again: zombies.

I just wanted to clarify before I have to answer some thrown-together farce of a trial later from one of your knightly-types. Saber. Let me know, though, they're starting to get everywhere.

[Another crack of the same type indicates Gilgamesh has smashed another person's head off-camera somewhere before he ends the feed.]


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