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Cross Blanchard ([personal profile] hero_of_smiles) wrote in [community profile] last_free_city2012-07-08 06:04 pm
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Second adventure


[What was going on in Midgard? Sure there was the opening invasion, and then that scouting mission he was on, and lastly those stupid pranks that happened. Now there was beserker citizens attacking people? Well this sounded like a mystery! But what could be causing it? Magic? Or maybe it was some hallucinogen?

Cross has taken to the streets.. He's looking around, his visor on, as he tries to gather statistics on whatever was out of the ordinary in people. Like elevated heart rate, blood pressure spikes, just something strange in a person's body.]

Hmmmm...come on, come on. Somebody jump out and be crazy so I can help yoooou....


Heeeeey, has anybody run into any of the crazy people yet? If so, can you point me in the direction of them? Cause yeah, maybe the doctors here can fix them.

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