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Tseng ([personal profile] plotdeviceturk) wrote in [community profile] last_free_city2012-07-28 10:07 am
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Report 1: Arrival [open]

Tseng's first order of business after arriving was to begin a tour of the city. Looking at maps was all well and good, but you didn't learn a city without walking it. A map didn't tell you about the little nooks and crannies that might save your life.

It was also a way to get to know the sorts of people the city had within it. Who he'd be fighting alongside and supposed to help keep alive. He can be found at various times in the different districts, checking the map in his book at random intervals.

For those who know how to look, he is armed beneath his suit and certainly has the air of someone dangerous about him. Whether he comes off as an assassin or a tax collector is debatable at best.

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