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Third Rule


I have a question.

[Gilgamesh goes from looking at the "camera" to turning the book around to see what he's seeing - two of the 'berserk' residents wandering around the Palace district.]

Are we supposed to kill these things, or are we putting them down gently?

[Two bursts of light lash out from behind the camera and impact the affected citizens in the head, knocking each one over with a crack and laying them unconscious (possibly comatose) on the pavement. For a split second before the projectiles disappear, it's clear that that they were, in fact, swords - launched hilt-first.]

I ask because on the one hand, they sure as hell look like zombies. On the other hand, I just know there are a bunch of bleeding hearts here who don't want me killing things that might be human. But on the other hand: zombies. Also if they were normal humans this would probably kill them anyway. Since it's not, again: zombies.

I just wanted to clarify before I have to answer some thrown-together farce of a trial later from one of your knightly-types. Saber. Let me know, though, they're starting to get everywhere.

[Another crack of the same type indicates Gilgamesh has smashed another person's head off-camera somewhere before he ends the feed.]
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I THINK, generally speaking, you're gonna wanna figure out whether they really ARE zombies before snuffing them. 'Cause lemme tell you, leaping before you look can bite you in the ass.

Anyway, they're still people with jobs and families. Gotta see if there's something you can do for 'em, right?
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I find a good hard smack to the back of the head with a blunt object does the trick.
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You don't got ropes or chains or something? They're tough bastards, but they can't be that tough, right?
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You ought to be more concerned with our benefactors than with me.
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A knight's duty is to the safety of the people. Without them, there would be no kingdom. Thus, we should bring them back alive, since it is within our ability to do so.

It makes further sense from a practical standpoint, as well. As they say, the dead tell no tales.

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[Minako's on duty today too, using the blunt end and the long hilt of her naginata to knock anyone who seems affected out. She had been taking a break when she noticed the video on the network and figured she should give an answer because hey. Killing people is not cool.

There's a creature in the background, who seems to merely be knocking any affected person out with its lyre.
] I think knocking them out is the best option!

[And another one approaches and goes down as Minako swings her weapon around, smacking the woman in the head hard enough to knock her out.] ... Maybe tying them up in case they wake back up and feel like continuing would be a good idea too...
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[She just rolls her eyes at that.] Am I that scary?

[She's just joking of course and- Oops. Another person on a rampage charges at her then, and she quickly reacts by grabbing her weapon and getting up to take care of it. The man charges at her and she dodges skillfully, before swinging her naginata around, using the long hilt to guide the man around by pushing it to his back, and making him topple over, right into a wall with enough force to knock him out.

And then she's quick to step back as another person comes flying by, courtesy of Orpheus continuing her scouting and neutralizing of targets.

Situation calmed for a moment, Minako returns to her communicator to resume her conversation.
] Really though, I don't think they're zombies or anything, so killing them isn't right.


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Z-Zombies?! But zombies aren't real!

[ Then again, neither are robotic statues, magical girls, or ancient gods. ]

Why does everything in this world contradict what we already know?!
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I'm not a mage! I'm a magical girl. [ There's a difference even in the Nasuverse. ] I've never had to fight against zombies before!
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They aren't zombies. Just mind controlled or something. I can tell. So just cut it out already.
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Oh, I wouldn't care if you were doing all kind of silly things to them. Except for the killings. I didn't care about that sort of thing before a Dream Savior changed my mind.

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Action okay with you? I can change this tag if not

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*Einhard would've answered with something along the lines of killing was bad. If she had been, you know, listening to the PDA book.

She was kinda busy punching crazy people in the face.

So that's where she is, already in Adult Mode as she ends up sending one of the crazy mind-controlled people to the ground with a punch... and ending up right in front of Gilgamesh.*
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Re: Perfectly okay with me

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*Oh. Hi there Gilgamesh. Thanks for not recognizing her at all.*

I think I'll be...

*Oh look, twelve more of them. Okay, no more being nice. Blasts of wind magic is getting shot out of her hands at them now.

... It was a good thing it was hard to kill with magic unless your magic was specifically suited to it or you were really trying.*

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