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002; Ally of Justice

[Video/Action; Palace District]


[You can see the diary being dropped to the ground as it records Shirou being slammed to the ground quite hard by the frenzied civilians while holding a wooden sword.]

The hell? Hey! Are you alright!?

[He didn't even waste time to get up and get to an injured girl by the sidewalk, tending to her as the frenzied citizens charged at them.

Concept realized, magic circuits active, do not kill do not kill do not kill, trigger in check, pull it, slam it down.]

Trace, on.

[And as one of them is about to reach him, they're going to be blocked by the wooden sword, before a blow to the head knocked one out.

There are still a lot of them, and Shirou can't afford to kill them. This must be what the news was about, wasn't it?

Getting the girl to safety is his first priority. Grabbing the diary, the feed shuts off with these final words.]

Don't worry, I'll get you back. I promise.
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[A nearby building all but explodes as a mobile mass of twisted flesh rushes at the mob of frenzied civilians and one magus. There might have been a human-like frame beneath the muscles and veins, but because of all the contorting, observers would be excused for not noticing it.]
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[Suddenly, several of the refugees fall flat on their faces, chains wrapped around their legs. Following them back to the source reveals one long-haired Servant with a mask.]
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[ Homura appears from no where, standing in front of him with her shield held to block his sword and a flash bomb in her hand. ]

Get the girl.