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Void 001


[So Shu has just arrived here in the land of Midgard through the Bifrost. Why he's currently here? Well because he just finished cleaning up the mess in Tokyo and has a lot of free time on his hands. Plus he has a whole lot making up to do and redemption. Sure he has started to forgive himself more and more but it's still not 100% just yet.

So he's going to log onto his book thing and introduce himself. There is a boy on the video, brown hair and brown eyes, he looks like any normal seventeen year old, except for the fact that there are crystals on his face.]


Hello, I'm Ouma Shu, I come from Tokyo Japan from the year 2039. I have the power to use Voids, which is an object created from a person's personality. If you're from my world and my Tokyo, please allow me to use your heart to help fight, or allow me to help you fight. But, I'll warn you. Using a Void is dangerous. If it breaks, you will die. I am prepared to bear the burden of it all though. Oh right, I can only extract a Void if you're seventeen or younger.

I hope we can all work together to protect everyone.

Anywhere in the city

[Shu is trying to get used to walking around Midgard. If you spot him, he'll just be curiously looking about. If you look closely however, you'll see that his right arm is completely crystal.]


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[personal profile] chump_samurai 2012-07-01 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Shinsuke Hyoudou.

What happened to your face?
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So what's a Void?
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What do the gods have to say about that?
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Probably for the best. The ones I've met don't like hearing about people muscling in on their territory.
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Geez, kid. Not that I'm from your world, but you sure ain't selling that offer well.
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Man, you're pretty honest aren't you? I guess that's not really a bad thing though...
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Mad props for being out in the open about it. I guess you're not too crazy about the ability, huh?
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Phew, okay, calm down. Didn't ask for your life story. Hey, listen. You can't be that selfish if you know better than to do that sorta thing again, okay? So chill out a little. You're among buds. Companions. Something like that.
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Terry Bogard. Nice to meet you, kid.
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Video ☆

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You got straight to business, did't you, Ouma Shu?
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Akemi Homura.

It's good to meet you.
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I am a magical girl. I use magic. [ And a lot of firepower. ]
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Mm. I suppose it does, doesn't it?

How useful will your abilities be if no one from your home comes?
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I see. Well then. Don't get in our way if you are lacking confidence.

[ Bitchy much?

But she's kinda worried about him.
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That if just as bad as being under-confident.

There are places to train here. Make use of them.
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Well then. Have a nice day.

[ Hanging up bai ]
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That's quite an interesting thing you can do.
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I'm sure there're all kinds of abilities here. But I'm especially interested in the people who can do stuff with psychological forces.