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[Soma can be found scouring the city for his missing charm - everything else he lost was found, but a small thing like that could be anywhere.

He's lifting pots, crawling under benches, even climbing up to peek into attics - that monkey could've tossed it anywhere, and he's really being precarious in his search]

Damn it... where is it?
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What'd you lose?

[Lucca had been watching Soma go through some planters in the lower Palace district, where she had just come out of a bakery, sweet roll still in hand.]
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Ooh, that's a problem. Where do you remember having it last?

[She takes a bite of the roll and pokes through a few open crannies and the side of the walkway. She doesn't realize it was taken, not lost.]
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Oh. He got your stuff too, huh? [Still poking around, but now is a little lazier.] What's it look like exactly?