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and I really wanted that coffee!

Constance had just ordered when the news went on, she may not watch TV, only because they didn’t exist on her world, but radios did and she could tell by the urgency of the voice that something was up.  Her favorite place wasn't that far from the library, the small walk had helped to clear her head, which was probably the only reason she tuned into the report.

Listening to it she frowned a little getting her drink. She was getting used to the crazy, at least it was keeping her on her toes. Paying for her drink she sipped at it heading out to one of the tables in front of the café, only to yelp jumping back when one of the said tables went airborne. Her wrist tapped her hip, her coffee flying at the table to knock it out of her way.

“Hey! Watch it will you! I actually like my cof-“ She ducked the chair glancing back to see the other patrons who had been outside were now getting inside. “Fee,” She finished flicking her whip of coffee to knock back another chair to buy some people time. Oh this is gonna suck isn’t it.
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Lena was just having coffee when the violence erupted. Getting up, she ducked a few flying dishes and caught a flying table to set it down carefully. "Looks like it's spreading," she remarked as a crazed patron came towards her. Snapping out her hand, she blocked his strike and threw him into the ground with an overhead toss.
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"No, there was a report on the news that people are going out of control." Lena brushed a lock of hair away from her face as she scanned the area for anyone else that might go out of control. "It seems to be a recent problem."
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"I haven't." Lena grasped a nerve and pinched it, knocking a man down and apologetically struck a woman until she fell.
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"seems like that's the last of them too. Good."

Lena checked their pulses. "They should be out for a while. Long enough to call the police."
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"All right." Lena sat down again as business resumed, and a couple of burly men came over to watch over them.
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"Lena. Lena Sayers. Nice to meet you Constance." She checked on her own downed opponents. Not bad. They'll be out for a while.
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"Oh? Oh no, I'm just trained to be physical in nature." Lena smiled a little. "Don't worry, I'm not from your world I think."
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"It's a colony world, from another place and time." replied Lena as she checked again on the downed men and women. "We've got a lot of vehicles but the world we live in has a lot of desert area too."
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"Your people are segregated by race I take it?" inquired Lena.
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"Sounds interesting." She knew how well it was being chained to a duty at least.
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"Alchemy is regulated in your world then?" inquired Lena.
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"Sounds like a group back home, the Otome. They're for peace and yet they're a substitute for war." said Lena.
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"Well there's always a reason for something like that." remarked Lena. "Joining for various reasons and ideals."
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"Sounds rough. There's a lot of problems with the Otome system too, but most are solved over time."
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"That's true. It should be okay soon though." With any luck though.