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Action; All over Midgard

[This new berserker rage epidemic was probably the very worst thing that could happen to Lancer...or anything else around him. When Lancer went berserk, it wasn't simply a matter of being too angry to realize what he was hitting. No, both his physical and mental state contorted to turn him into something less than human. He was no more than a shambling monster that tore a trail of destruction as he ran through the city.]

[He was angry. Angry at himself for being alive even though his Master is already dead. Angry at everything else for standing in his way. Angry at <i>her</i> for dying and leaving him. He wanted to rip everything apart to create a bloody sacrifice for his Master in the next world.]

[Those who run into him in this state can try to fight and restrain him, but unless they have a certain amount of skill and physical durability, they are very likely to become badly injured or worse.]

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[[Oh what (terrible?) luck! Poor Allura was trying NOT to get caught by one of them. She was, really, trying to find someone she knew (probably Neir) to kind of, you know, protect her.

But she spies a friendly face so, as far as she knows, he's friendly in this situation.

For now.

But this is a paranoid princess we have here. He's been surrounding herself with magic symbols (probably unseen to the non-magical eye)]]

Ahh... h-hello! Can you help me?!
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((I am all down for this combat, but, she has a lot of ways to defend herself. Only one location at a time though; 1 ceiling, floor, and wall at a time))

Ahhhh! What are you doing!? [[Instantly, his path straight to her is blocked by a rising pillar of the ground itself. Let's see if that hits first!]]
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[[Instinct tells her to set off the next in the sequence of 'instant death objects' to defend herself, but, this guy was actually nice to her, and knowing that people are, at random, going insane, she doesn't want to hurt him.

But she's not trying to be killed herself. She switches a few traps around, leaving a vase to come falling from above!]] P-please... don't get up! [[A helpless plea?]]
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[[She should've gone for the oil vase. But, she's still trying... to knock him out. She doesn't NEED to slaughter him...

She'd rather not, after all! At least, with that pillar falling on him, she knows she won't kill him easily. That's a relief.

Scampering away, she brings herself up to the nearest wall she can find, then, takes a step back. Fortunately it's not an alley!
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ALL THE TRICKS! We're going to start with the wall, not sliding, but SHOOTING out to smash into the Servant. Let's run a hit-check on that first!]]
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[[Well, it moved him that was the goal! Just not as far as she'd hoped. We run hit checks because we're chaining the traps together. Next, a huge steel bear trap clasping up against his calves. Following that, a familiar swinging pendulum. Headshot?]]
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[[The wall that formerly shot at him changes, now that it's retracted. It opens up in a series of blocks, revealing a grid with a whirling blue center. The bear trap gives way and starts sucking him in towards the wall! It won't pull him through the metal grating that remains, but it ought to hold him in place long enough.

Hopefully.]] P-please! Stop!
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[[Breaking the grating breaks the whole trap apart, and it vanishes, returning the wall to it's former state, with the addition of a hole punched in by Lancer's fist.]]

No! Please! S-stop already! I don't want to hurt you! Just... go away!

[[It's true she has been playing softcore, and another vacuum opens up under his feet, this time sucking him into the floor much like he was pinned to the wall!]]
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[Cross is still trying to find more citizens who were pretty much turned into raging zombies. Kind of. As he wanders around, he soon see's a familiar face. Smiling, Cross waves over to Lancer.]

Yoooo, Lancer! Haven't seen you in awhile!
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[Wait, WHAT NO! Cross gasps, what the heck was going on here? Weren't he and Lancer like, on good terms or something? He flips backwards away from Lancer, drawing out his sword when he lands.]

Lancer, what the heck is wrong with you?!
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[Wait, why no weapons? Okay, this is bad. What as going on?

He can't exactly swing a sword at someone using their bare fists? Plus, you know, this guy is kind of sort of his friend. Maybe.

So he sheaths it quickly, before raising his mechanical arm to take the blow. It does cause him to stumble back a bit.]

Lancer! Snap out of it!
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[Cross brings up his arm again blocking the swing and is again pushed back. All right, time to get serious. If he wasn't going to listen, he'd need to beat him up a bit.

Raising his hands, he begins trying to strike at any pressure points he can hit on Lancer, to try and disable Lancer.]
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[Just gonna have to make all your limbs jello, won't he?]

[Another swing from Lancer's arm does connect across Cross's face though, sending him to the ground. Hitting it, he swings his leg instantly at Lancer's ankles to take him down as well. Rather not have this guy standing over him after all.]
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Cross is just gonna aim his foot into Lancer's face now.]

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[FFFFF! STAY DOWN DOG! Cross is going to wince though, cause it looks like Lancer's got a hold of his foot with his mouth. And biting. Oh the biting. He's going to swing his free foot to knock the man in the head.]