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01 ❖ Action/Video

[ Yoko unfortunately has yet to have an opportunity to get an update on the news. After her appearance in this place, she's stuck to what's been familiar to her for the past few years. While she couldn't exactly adopt all the orphaned children here, she did take care of a fair number of them. Even though it's summer, she's insisted that they should still study and they've been all too eager to do just that. While out though, they are under attack by a psychotic refugee.

Those who are nearby may want to help out with the situation as this woman in a pencil skirt doesn't seem much like a fighter. Neither do the children that are huddled around her legs.

After that attack (whether handled by her own hands or by another), Yoko will use her journal to contact those who may be listening in. ]

Today just proved one thing to me. These children need a roof over their head while their education is my responsibility. [ Propping her head up. ] I'm looking for a stable enough building that can function not only as a school, but a safe haven for those who don't need this violence. A bunker maybe?

[ Her face lights up as though she's just remembered something. ]

Is there anyone who would like to go to school here? [ The smile on her face widens a bit more. ] Also, are there people who would be interested in teaching as well? I wouldn't mind fronting most of the hard work.
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[well started out showing a street, but then it's just dark, Constance stuck her communications device back in in her bracer.]

I wouldn't mind helping to teach, wait... where are you right now, because with those lunatics out and about... If you need help getting the kids to safety, the Library should be safe right now. [Sorry it's the only district she knows real well.] I can help escort them there, not sure about the policies for over night...
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Sure, just give me your location. [She pulls it out and smiles at her.] I'm pretty handy with my Alchemy. Just make sure the kids don't decide to watch the show if there is a fight.

I'd have to move my science stuff out of the way but some kids can stay in mine until more permanent dwellings are procured.
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Should be there in about five minutes just stay down. I'll let you know I'm close.

[About six minutes later Constance is making her way down the street, tow orbs of water in hand in case of an attack.]
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[Constance heard the voice and dropped the water, letting it seep into the ground as she waved.]

Everyone okay? [Hey really kids involved of course she'd worry some were hurt. She knelt so she was the height of some of the kids.] Bet that was really scary wasn't it? It'll be okay, we'll get you kids somewhere safe.
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[Constance nods to Yoko.] Oh I don't doubt it. [She smiles and looks at the kids.]

I don't know you you kids aren't going to give us trouble are you? [She stood holding her hand out for one of them. She was more than ready for the challenge.]
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[How does a dynamic entry sound? Because there's suddenly an eleven-year-old in a gi kicking the refugee in the chest and sending him flying backwards and skidding along the ground.]
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[Gohan starts to relax...but then the refugee climbs up.]

What?! No way! That should have knocked him out cold!
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[Nope. No good. He runs back at the group. But then Gohan's form seems to blur and vanish...and then appear behind the guy, delivering a chop to the back of his neck. The refugee collapses to the ground, unconscious. He's tough, but when a Super Saiyan wants you unconscious, it's going to happen.]
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I don't know. I'm hoping someone around here can find out.
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I don't know if that's safe. He might wake up the same way. We should take him someplace where he can't harm anybody.
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...Um. I don't know, either. I'm sure someone does, though.
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Shouldn't we take him to the authorities? I'm sure there's a jail here.
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Why not? People in prison get interrogated all the time.
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Yeah. I'm not sure ropes would hold him, either. It took me two hits to knock him out, and his energy is too high for a refugee.
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That's why I think we should get him put in jail.
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[ video ]

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I only require one room for privacy in my home. The foyer is large enough for the rest.
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I live in the deeps. It is underground, and very safe. However, I only require one room for myself.
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A guest?

[ Wilhelm nods, but remains as stoic as ever. ]

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[ If Wilhelm didn't know any better, he'd think this is starting to sound like a date. Bringing his almost-empty wine glass to his lips, he nodded, as the crescendo of his record began picking up. ]

You may bring whatever you like. I have no preference.
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[Problem 1: Kiritsugu wants his children to keep going to school, even here.]

[Problem 2: He doesn't want them to be away from him for large amounts of time unprotected.]

[There's a solution to that, but there's just one little problem. 3:]

Don't have a lot of experience teaching.
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[Demolitions, ballistics, manipulation...]

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Japanese. German. English.

Kiritsugu Emiya. Good to meet you. And yours?