Jun. 10th, 2012

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There isn't so much a new face in the Docks district as there is a rather large new robot floating around, searching for... something. You may notice that your radio's get jammed as the robot's green, particle-like exhaust comes out of the strange thrusters placed on the machine's shoulders. If you hail him the face of a rather serious looking young man will stare back at you.

"My name is Setsuna F. Seiei. I have come here in order to aid in the defense of Midgard." He... doesn't say anything else. Outwardly, he doesn't say anything. Internally, he's embarassed because he doesn't know where he can park his machine, and someone with strong mental powers may be able to pick up on that, even if they aren't talking to him. He likely isn't aware that he's broadcasting his feelings, so you'll have to point it out to him.
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[ Wilhelm can be seen in the video, pouring a glass of wine for himself. The camera angle reveals a bit more of his room, now, clearly indicating that he's in the Deeps district. The Compass of Order and Chaos was still fully functional, the two rings rotating around a translucent, green cube of energy. Wilhelm's back was to the camera for now, as he prepared his drink.

For someone as mindblowingly wealthy as Wilhelm is in his own world, his new apartment was relatively modest. He had come out of his office for now, the Compass still inside it, seated on a desk in a room with an open door, a painting by Van Gogh behind it. The room the office was apparently connected to appeared to be a living room of some kind, with a sunken, but still comfortable-looking leather couch, a few wall-mounted candles, and a fancy chandelier. Off to the side was a wine rack, full of bottles, and a few having been removed. ][ Wilhelm finally finished pouring his drink, and casually sat down on the couch, crossing one of his legs over the other. Maybe he's just taking a break? ]

I believe it is time that I assisted in the defense of this city. Would you not agree?

[ As the Deeps were giant cave full of geothermal power generators, there was no need for windows. Wilhelm's, however, did have a window, apparently, as a giant, glowing red eye in the shape of a strange, runic symbol suddenly lit up, dominating the view visible from the camera. ]

I will be sending Joshua into the battlefield now. He will be fighting on my behalf.

[ A silo of some kind must have opened, as sunlight began pouring down on Joshua's head. Suddenly, the giant, green mech shot upwards and out of sight from the window, as the feed ends. ]


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