Jun. 15th, 2012

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[While most alchemists she knew, if placed in her position would be headed for the book stacks, Constance Airie had something else in mind. She was glancing at her PDA a moment, long enough to get her bearings on the map she had found of the Library District, navigating her way, asking some of the locals a few times where the best place to get coffee would be.

That led her to the small café, about three blocks from her apartment, where she was currently getting a seat towards the back of the room, placing her back to the wall, out of habit if nothing more. There were two reasons she chose a café, first being it was close to the apartments, which meant others in her position would probably go there; and the other reason being cafes were just as good as a bar to overhear information in. And usually in a café she didn’t have to worry about the clientele trying to paw at her.

The drink she ordered was a mocha, which seemed to be coffee, and hot chocolate rolled into one. Sipping at it she found that the smooth taste was enjoyable. Pulling out the PDA again she smiled at a few of the patrons who were casting a worried glance her direction before she slid out of her coat draping it in the corner chair before trying to figure out where to explore the rest of the day. The books, as tempting as they were, could wait a little longer at least. She wanted to get the feel of the area before she got lost in the stacks.]
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[See Erika. See Erika looking through her stuff and checking out a few things here and there. She's got the book-like comms set up and you can see she's working on making herself at home.]

Hey all, I'm new here as well. Valkyries came to my house and I figured I'd say yes. I'm Erika Kurumi, and I'm 17 years old. [She doesn't look 17 but its clear the girl is in the middle of a growth spurt on how gangly she looks.]

I'm also a magical girl too.

Now if anyone can find out where I can get some things for my house, I'd appreciate it.


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