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Spending Time Outdoors

[There's an Erika wandering the streets with Coffret on her head. She just wanted to get out after making sure her place was perfectly livable. Perfectly meaning there was a pile of stuff and cloth and everything she needed to spend her days outside of fighting.]

Man this place is pretty cool. I should get to walking around more often.
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[ Homura isn't wandering the streets. She'd tell you that she's patrolling. Keeping her eyes peeled for slight changes, signs of trouble, and monitoring the situation with the other residents. She spots Erika out of the corner of her eye and stops, watching her walk by.

Tempted to talk to her, but so far only able to stare. There's no time for goofing off. ]

... What are you doing?
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The same, I suppose.

What are you looking for? Anything particular?
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I see.

[ Slight hesitation. ]

Perhaps, then, I might join you.
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[ Homura stares at Coffret.

Homu? She tilts her head.

You are..?
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[ sorry Coffret, but Homura did just wonder if she'll be chasing you around with a machine gun this time tomorrow. ]

... It's nice to meet you. I am Homura Akemi. [ She bows her head, trying not to make judgments... even if making judgments can be a lifesaver, so she tells herself to balance this open-mindedness with some degree of caution. ] I apologize. I didn't realize you already had company.
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Is that so?

[ Well, she is now a bit more interested in Coffret... and making sure Erika is safe. ]

If it's all right, then, perhaps I can follow along.
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[ Sounding like you want a contract there, Coffret.

Homura regards you with all of the caution.

Is that an occupation?
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[ Heart Perfume? Is that what the kids call it these days? ]

I see... Then I suppose we are alike. I am also a variety of Magical Girl. [ The pre-witch kind.

She catches herself thinking that Erika's magical girl situation is nice. If Coffret is to be trusted, then maybe the happy magical girl lives of stories really are possible. Naturally, she scolds the naive thought.
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[ So happy... Homura's not sure if she should feel jealousy or pity. No, maybe she should just be happy for her. ]

Mm. I would quite like that. Do you work in a team?
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I see. A team of four... That sounds wonderful.

[ If only all magical girls could have teams. The thought of it reminds her that she misses Mami and Madoka. ]

I imagine it to be quite fun.
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That many?

Do you all live in the same area?
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A what?

[ Now that is unexpected. ]
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Is everything well now?