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*Jr. looks distinctly annoyed, though with no obvious cause. But anyone who knows him well and is aware of the date will know why.*

Hey, anyone here know of a shooting range around here? It'd probably be a good idea to practice even when I don't have Quin and Fae bastards to kill.
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I've noticed there's a bunch of people running around here with mobile suits. Since our hosts don't seem too interested in organization, I'm taking it on myself to get us all in order, because the last thing we want is a bunch of giant robots that can knock over buildings stomping around without anyone in charge.

So who all has a giant robot, and who has command experience?
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[ Another new recruit to the city! REJOICE, REJOICE! Or don't. But there's a young woman studying her PDA with a non-plussed expression. Perhaps she's seen something like it before. Before she gets too distracted with inspecting the other features, she addresses the network. ]

There we go, it should be ... right. Good morning, my name is Shion Uzuki. I was Chief of the Vector's R&D Division back home, but that's not important right now. More importantly is that the Valkyrie brought me - all of us - here for a reason. I may not look like much, but I am fully capable of fighting alongside everyone else here, and I intend to pull my own weight, both in battle and out. If anyone needs to reach me for any reason, I've been assigned housing in the Dock's district, or you can contact me over this network.

Also - according to this screen here... it would appear that someone else from my world is here. I am relieved; Jr., give me a call if you see this. We should talk.
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Huh...that's a pretty neat way to do it.

*There's what looks like a twelve year old boy on the screen, looking at his PDA with a mix of curiosity and slight amusement that indicates he finds it more different than impressive. But his expression quickly turns more serious now that it's time to actually address people.*

Alright, listen up. My name's Gaignun Kukai Jr., but everyone just calls me Jr. I hear you've got a war over the fate of the universe on your hands, and that just happens to be something I've got a bit of experience with.

Before you ask, yeah, I'm gonna be fighting. Don't underestimate me because I look young, I've probably kicked just as much ass as any of you, and led more armies to boot.

And if the name Kukai sounds familiar to anyone here, sound off. I can't be the only one from my world they asked, right?


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