May. 26th, 2012

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A few days have passed since the Qin army marched on Midgard's walls. The warriors already there don't know how much longer the front gate can last. The Qin forces are slowly picking off the wall's defenders, whittling down their numbers.

A metallic dragon twists and writhes in the sky, raining destruction from above. Sanzuwu streak back and forth across the sky, strafing and intercepting any aerial units. Shishi slam into the gates repeatedly, while terracotta soldiers make use of siege engines to break down the gate.

And finally, the inevitable occurs; the gate crashes open. Qin soldiers start flooding in.

But at that very moment...the Bifrost activates.

The first wave has come.

[[OoC: Welcome to the game! You'll be starting off fending off a Qin invasion. You are free to godmode enemies within reason, though the mods may occasionally take over from time to time. Defeat enough enemies, and a boss may appear...

Enemy types can be found with descriptions in the cut below.

Read more... )

And finally, Thor has something to say to you.]

I [Action]

May. 26th, 2012 12:43 am
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Whose 'we', sucker?

[There really aren't many t-shirts with words that bold printed in cutesy font. Even specialists at clothing apparel and/or obscure movie quotes would be hard-pressed to find one, no matter how much they looked. If not, tell me you can prove me wrong so I can give you my money.]

[One girl in particular, however seems to have managed to do so. Her hair is short and dark, and she seems to be in relatively normal casualwear. She looks disinterested, but with traces of a hidden look of conviction prominent in so many heroines nowadays. This is foreshadowing.]

I can't believe you did that.

[There is no response. Either the person she's talking to can't be seen, or there's more psychological horror than fonts in this post.]

Now you're giving me the silent treatment? You were so eager to talk before. Go on! Tell everyone whose fault it is we're here.

...Still? I can't believe you... There aren't even any good places to eat at here, and most people don't look too eager to talk.

That's just you.

[A smile] ...Do you want to test this place's repairing services that much?


[As she passes by, you may notice a plastic model of a Colt Navy 1851 lying within a leather holster. There is no normal explanation for how she's been able to walk with it for so long without being arrested. Leave me alone.]

[Should you wait a second too long to interact with her, you may see that her shirt also contains dialogue in the back.]

Smith and Wesson, and me.

A New Leaf

May. 26th, 2012 07:00 pm
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[Your PDA activates and the image of a fat, blonde-haired boy appears.]

You know, when I agreed to be a hero, I didn't expect they'd be throwing us into some big war without a second's notice. Kinda nice of them. Nice in the way you could only expect a cosmic jerkface to be. There's a difference between being a soldier and a hero. If we're expected to fight and not have any of our questions answered, that's being a soldier. A hero does what he does because he's pretty darn sure he's fighting for what's right. Like "justice" or something.

I've got no problems with fighting a little. You saw me in that spider out in the battlefield, didn't you? I'm just hoping that Bifrost is actually safe where it is. Then again, it has to be safer than giving it to those things that tried attacking just recently. ... "Safer", by the way, doesn't imply we're actually safe. I just want to make sure that I'm actually a hero and not a soldier.

The name's Porky, by the way. Porky Minch. I'm something of an important person back where I'm from. Nice meeting you all.


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