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Greetings, aliens!

I am Yumemi Okazaki, Ph.D, former professor of Comparitive Physics and all-around academic superstar. Last year I dabbled in resolving the P=NP problem, and my current goal is to disprove the Grand Unified Theory of Physics.

On a related note! I've seen a few people out there using techniques that looked suspiciously similar to magic. As exciting as this might be, I'm not one to forget Clarke's third law so easily! I'm not going to accept that magic exists unless I can get real, irrefutable proof that it isn't a more easily-explained phenomenon.

I accept all challenges.
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[ The video cuts on shortly to a young girl with pale hair and red eyes staring down at the device seemingly in her lap, leaning over it partially. After a few seconds void of any expression beyond curiosity, Illya will give a sigh. ]

Kaleido-log Day Two. Er, no, that sounds really stupid. Magi-log? Hero-log? Captain's log?

You're not a captain. [ A rougher voice speaks up in the background. ] Besides, it's recording a message for the entire group to see. It isn't a personal diary.

[ With that, she quickly slams it shut.
A few minutes later, Illya's demeanor has completely shifted into one that's more cheerful! ]

Hey there everyone! My name is Illyasviel von Einzbern and I'm one of the many heroes brought to this world to help defend it! Isn't that great? [ Hee. ] Just in time for my birthday too! Let's try to get everyone together to celebrate it this Wednesday. That's the thirtieth alright? A party is a good way to get to know others and well, I'd love to become friends with everyone here!

[ OH! ]

Also, you should try to bring something to eat. We can't have a party without food! [ And gifts, but she's not going to be selfish enough to say that outright. ] So May thirtieth, we're having a big party um... where is this again? The Grand Library I think? Well, that sounds like a great place to have a loud party! [ Ruining the reputation of the 'quiet district' within the first week... ] Maybe we can use the pool!

[ Honestly she sounds like she's never had a party before, much less host one. With a wink, she'll just wait eagerly for any replies. ]
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[ The camera depicts a small room in the Deeps apartments; considering how nice a lot of those apartments are, the room this broadcast is coming from is actually rather subdued, and unimpressive, with only the bare minimum of amenities. Unless, of course, you count a device in there the likes of which many of you have likely never seen before; a flat, golden disk laid out on a table, with a green, translucent cube of energy hovering above it, rotating and revolving three hundred and sixty degress in place, sometimes changing directions. Two circles rotated around it as well, in a gyroscopic fashion. Someone then begins speaking, but the source of the voice is off-screen. The contact is listed as 'Wilhelm.' ]

This dimension has its own Collective Unconscious.

[ The voice is eerily calm, and barely inflects at all. Any interest present in his words can only be implied; he addresses it as casually as if he were talking about the weather. ]

The 'Valkyrie' promised me a way to save my own universe from the activation of Anima, without the use of the Eternal Recurrence. I am unaware of how such a feat would be possible, but I am willing to cooperate, for now.

[ At the very edge of the screen, Wilhelm's fingers drum on the desk a few times, before the camera raises, implying that whoever was holding it had just stood up. He then walks over to a nearby phonograph, and placed a record on it, while turning the crank. The music of German composer Richard Wagner began playing, as Wilhelm returned to his desk. ]

The Compass is showing me a presence similar to that of U-DO here, only bearing its own individual consciousness instead of one large hive mind. This world, if nothing else, is fascinating.
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*It takes a bit, but she finally gets a hang of this new artifact. Useful. She supposes.*

To the mortals out there: Do not think that my fighting by your side means that I am in any way interested in becoming "friends." I am no longer human, and I see no reason to become attached to them anymore. That you are catching me in a time of my life where my resentment no longer burns as it once did is fortunate on your part, not mine. I fight for one reason and one reason only: to preserve the world my Prince Shoutoku resides in. I have no interest in anything else.

I am Soga no Tojiko. We work together in this fight. That is all.


May. 27th, 2012 10:35 pm
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Are these PDAs classy or what?

Woolf Enneacle, mobile suit pilot, here to save the day. If anyone had any concerns about this being hard, just let me put them to rest. With the Ace of the Federation here, there's no way things are gonna go wrong.


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