May. 31st, 2012

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[The page shows a red-eyed woman whose paleness goes beyond the natural shades of even albinoness and into the outright monochrome range. There are three colors on her: black, white, and red. This even extends to her clothing, a simple black casual suit with a red tie.]

I checked out this place. There's no plan and no organization. They summoned us as a desperate move to fix a situation that they likely got themselves into. How irritating. Even the Queen of Dreams had better planning than this. Though she got herself into her own mess, too.

But we've got those morons to fight, who'll create a mess for our worlds if we don't deal with them. We need organization, and we need knowledge. I'm going to learn about our enemies and how to destroy their will to fight so we can defeat them more easily. For that, I'd like any prisoners you acquire brought to me so I can ask them questions. It's not like I've got any other use for the place they gave me in the Docks.

Oh, right, you need names and things like that. You can call me Deimonea. It's not the first name I've had, but it's one that's stuck around.

((OOC edit: While it most likely won't apply to this post, I figured I should again point out Deimonea's permissions post for future reference.))


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