Jun. 8th, 2012

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[Having figured out that her Child had come with her, Lena was standing atop her building as she pointed a hand skyward. Lets hope this would work.]



[A pillar of light shot downwards from the sky and struck her, as huge golden wings appeared. A robe flickered to life, the form of the Super Meister GEM seconds before it exploded off her, becoming extremely skimpy in nature as segments of it were removed in bursts of golden feathers. The wings wrapped around her for a moment, showering the area with feathers.

Once subsided, she inhaled and took to the skies.]

Seems like the force connect still works. For how long though...

[With that in mind, she darted into the sky, flying overhead and looking for anyone to talk to.]
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[For those of you tuning in, the screen on your PDAs will turn on to reveal a young man in what looks like the machine hangar. Behind him is a large, white robot holding a rifle and a shield. Those of you in the hangar can spot this, too.]

Um, hey. I haven't introduced myself to most of you guys, have I? I'm Captain Asem Asuno of the EFF Special Forces. The machine behind me is my personal mobile suit, the Gundam AGE-2. I've got plenty of experience and skill on the battlefield, so don't hesitate to count on me out there.

...Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I've got two questions. First: how many of you out there could perform maintenance and resupply on mobile suits? We could use a team of mechanics since not all of us have the know-how to maintain our mobile suits besides basic repairs and adjustments. I'm also looking for someone to operate a computer for mine.

The second thing I want to know is how we can train. Do we have simulation programs or devices we could use? If we don't, could someone make some? I know a guy back home who made one from an old mobile suit cockpit and some spare parts, so it can be done.

...Um. That's all I have for now.

1st henshin

Jun. 8th, 2012 03:32 pm
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[Nadeshiko had taken a little time to familiarize herself with the book-like device, and soon was ready to make a post. She was still getting used to legs again so she was sitting down in her place in the Docks District.]

Hello everyone I've been chosen as well by the Valkyries. I'm Nadeshiko Misaki, and I'm a Rider. I hope everyone is prepared for the adventure ahead!

Oh and if there's any high spots in this city, please let me know. I'd love to find them.


[You can find Nadeshiko skipping everywhere as she's looking at various things. So many cool things, and she wondered if Gentarou would find his way there. At least she wasn't worrying him after the whole Galaxy King incident. She might even run into you!]
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"Miss? Are you a ghost?"

So what if I am, child?

"Wow, look at that! She has no feet! That's so cool!"

E-excuse me! It's rather rude of you to point it out --

"Lady, can we touch your wisps? Pleeeeeeease?"

Why should -- ... *sigh* Fine. But only for a little bit.

"Whooooa! My hand passes right through it! Awesome!"


"Lady, you're gonna beat back the mean Qin and Fae people, right?"

...Well, I shall certainly --


...Yes. I will beat them all back. Don't worry about a thing.

"Yaaaaay! You're a nice ghost!"

*So did you get to witness that less than curmudgeonly display? Feel free to tease her about it. We hope you're wearing rubber, though.*


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